Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Friday, December 16, 2011


Well a lot has changed since i last wrote. On Sunday night as we sat
down to watch the First Presidency Christmas devotional the APs showed
up and told us that a transfer was taking place. One of the APs and a
Zone Leader had their time extended from Salt lake, but it was only
for a month and that month ended Sunday night. So we drove with the
Aps to Liahona and waited at the Mission office. My Hoa Elder Vuki
replaced the finishing Zone leader in Hahake and a kid from the
office, Elder Bowman replaced him. I was kinda sad that Vuki got
tranfered i felt like we were going to great things in Ha'akame. Eld
Bowman is from Mesa Arizona and my first White Companion, its pretty
weird, but he is a cool kid, he has only been here for a few months
and not to great at the language but i know what thats like. I still
think we can do great things here. We had some really cool
experience where we totally could see the Lords hand in helping invite
others come unto him. im not going to be alble to share all of them
sorry! oh that was so cool to hear from and see pics of Gramp Herb,
(can you send me some pics of you)
Yesterday as we were teaching a 18 year girl Tapu she asked about
Hilifaki nima and i used a scripture (alama 31:36) that i totally had
found in personal study that morning. then today we taught her again
and she totally asked what is the Book of Mormon and so we taught
about that. She has already been baptized but she said that she never
met with the missionaries before the day of her baptisim and that she
never got confirmed, we are going to Office late to check on it.
We are super super busy here its so awesome!!!! okay i love
you all dont worry about calling me, I will call you. and DONT CALL
BACK> like if the phone dies or something, i can talk to you all for
an hour for only $5 tongan pa'anga, i dont want you spending another

Hope all is good with mom and everyone

Oh mom can you send me a Flash for my birthday
A flash drive, maybe a 8GB or 12GB thanks so much Russ good luck
with finals!!!! and ELlen KAtaki ki he ngata'anga, i cant wait to talk
to you EJ this Christmas.

PS ill call when its Christmas here in the OTher Side of Heaven
'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


well this past Monday i boarded a plane and flew 400 miles and several
centurie to Tongatapu. I am now serving in Ha'akame which i have
decided in the 2 days I have been here is the best area in the Entire
Mission, both in missionary work and in the fafanga ( feeding the
missionaries) This is a village on the south side of Tongatapu, its
actually where my trainer (eld Mafoa) comes from, i've met his family
and told them that he was my very first hoa, i was surprised when
President told me i would be working here. How many missionaries get
to serve in the place where their dad is from?? haha Misiona Tonga
mo'oni! The Church is HUGE here, like every house we go to is a
member. but there still is lots of work, i got to teach a lesson my
first day here and we have a baptism this Saturday. My new hoa is
Elder Vuki, he is from New Zealand, he also served in NIua, Niuafo'ou
the other island in the niua group, we already get along great. I
feel like Niua really prepared me to work here, i feel like i can
really talk to the people in Tongan now they are all surprised that
the plangi speaks tongan. its really cool to back in a place where
there is electricity. i can charge my camera every night. i am
going to get really fat serving here in ha'akame. Oh did i tell you
that when i left Tonga for NIua in July i was 89.9 Kilos (this is
fully clothed in tongan attatie tupenu &ta'ovala &kafa) then the
wednesday President came i again weighed my self at the airport and i
was 82.25. But during the 5 days President was here we eat extremely
good, pig everyday and loads of other good stuff. so on monday when i
left NIua i was up to 85.25. and im sure i have gained some more
since i got to Ha'akame. Ask Sister Johnson if she knows any one from
here i met a guy who knows her last name, also my hoa's dad is from
the same village as her in vava'u (koloa).

It was really hard to leave Niua, i was crying at the mala'e vakapuna
(airport). The two hardest goodbyes were to Elder Cook i was hoa with
him for 2.5 transfers, and then saying bye to Mele and her two girls,
they gave me a knecklace as i said good bye. Eld Nai and I taught her
and baptized her and one of her daughters in August she is super
strong in the Church and she such a great example of how great the
Gospel is and how big a change it can bring to people. Im very
hapy to be able to be serving a mission so share this message with the
Kingdom of Tonga. we taught a less active member yesterday and i
really felt like i was just going by the Spirit it was way cool, the
spirit is key to this work
Okay i got to go see yah nexty week love yah

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Friday, November 18, 2011


Mom and Dad thanks so much for the money.  I showered with toothpaste
this morning because our soap ran out last night,  it wasn't the first
time i've used it, i dont know if it really cleans your body but
atleast you feel clean and minty after.  Yeah like ive told you a
million times Niua is way different then serving in Tongatapu, there
are plenty of members to feed us there, but  here in NIua well we
really only have two homes that feed us. We try to find service not
just to help people but to get food.  When we have money we dont have
to worry about finding food. I guess that is one reason the money runs
out fast.  But in less then two weeks President it coming with a 70 to
have District conference here.   They are coming on a wednesday Nov 30
and then leaving the following MOnday Dec 5.  President called
yesterday and told me that i would be leaving Niua on the 5th together
with him and the kau taki.   We are really excited for them to come
because it means we will eat really good. Kaipola aho katoa!!!  Now
that we have money we can really direct our focus on inviting peopleto
theconference and doing more normal missionary work.  Iet me tell you
this one thing if i were Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" i would be alright.
I can tell you what kind of plants are useful and what trees have
edible fruit. Ive gotten really good at climbing mango trees, thats
usually what we have for breakfast.  Oh Ellen did i tell you that i
ate fish like an apple! ive done like a dozen times now.  One time it
was still moving when i bit into it.  its not too bad actually pretty
good, you dip it into the salt water to add some flavor.
I love the song "I'll go where you want me to go Dear Lord"  all my
life i sang that knowing that He would send me somewhere to serve my
mission.  And  now he has sent me here, Niua where its not so easy to
live let alone do missionary work, but I have come to realized that
its not my will that will be done but  His.  I have really learned to
FEAST on the words of Christ and live off prayer, and just trusting in
the Lord.  Proverbes :3:5 is one of my favorite scriptures.

Looks like you are all doing great back home.  The new missionary is
coming with President on the 30th,  i cant wait to get all the mail
they are going to bring me. I havent sent any snail mail since
September, but i will send alot on December 6th.   mom sorry but can
you send some "Fusion razor" heads ask Russell or Dad to explain that.
Thanks for sending a package i hope to get it before Christmas. Tell
everyone Hello for me and 'Ofa atu!

"Oku ou tala atu 'oku ou ilo ilo pau 'etau siasi koe pule'anga 'oe
Otua i he mamani Ahoni.  "Oku Mo'ui he Fkmo'ui, Ko Sisu koe Kalaisi,
he Huhu'i moe Fkmo'ui oe mamani moe kakai fulipe!


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Malolele again from Niua


 Malolele.  Another week gone by here in Nieua thanks so much fro the
money last week.  it was really needed.  I over exagerated last week
ehen i said that we only wear missionary clothes two days aweek,  i
think it is more like 4 days aweek and 3 days doing service.  I have
had  really cool experiences with prayer, where i pray that there will
be food for us when we visit people and then there is.  I pray alot
here, and do a lot of trusting in the Lord.  Did i tell you that i
have met people from all over the world during my time here. i have
met people from FloridaEngland, Germany, Czec  Republic,
Switzerlandjapan an other places.  THey all come to Niua on yachts.
Most are trying to sail around the world.  Its pretty cool to talk
with them all though  their english is not that good.  Right now we
are trying to visit inactive members and go to the uta with potential
investigators.  We are trying to prepare for District conference in
December.we go nearly every day about 6:00pm right before the sun sets
and play malemale, a kinda touch rugby with the kids in the
neighboring villiage. Im getting pretty good, i kicked a drop goal
yesterday.  The sun sets here are beyond explaination, last night it
was kinda salmonish pinkish, that doesnt do it justice.    Sounds
like mom is having fun going everywhere and  Dad is running
and Russ it still in school.I think thats it I love you all and dont
worry about me. Oh  when we talk at Christmas remaind  me to tell you
about my realyl coo experience
about prayer and rain. i cant explain it over email.
The mailing number that has been on all my letters is 00279/0001 I
think that the nuber for tonga maybe if you put that on the letters it
will go by faster.  I dont think ill be able to email next week, ill
try to make it a two week deal, its $4 pa'anga for a half hour
Can you send me a flash-drive as part of a Christmas package and so
ghram crackers

PS i might be asking for some more money next time i net,  it goes by
fast living in a place like this. but dont worry we are fine.

Letter from Niuatoputapu


Moms in  Washington right now that is cool give my love to the family
there and dad is at home(or still at work)  if the number is correct
and im pretty sure it is i will for sure email next week now that i
have money.  Thank you so much, i just found out that i will most
likey be here until Dec 5.  District Conference will be held that
weekend and Prez is coming, and he will bring with him a new elder and
i will leave.  we are working hard to prepare for confereence by
getting a baptisim here.  lots of ngaue'ofa which is service,
someweeks we go just two days wearing our missionary clothes, all the
other days vala kehe and going to the 'uta with members or
non-members.  Its like a whole different mission here.  i dont know
when i will be able to get a snail mail off to you all again, that is
crazy how fast me last letter got to you all.  'Oku ou fakafeta'i ki
Tamai Hevani ke u ma'u 'ae famili hange kiate kimoutlou.  

ofa atu

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


well i got a new companion yesterday, his name is Elder Cook. He's
Tongan from Tonga; he is the smallest guy in the mission... the complete
opposite of Elder Nai who is the biggest guy in the mission. He entered
the MTC in May this year so i am the senior companion. He wanted to
email today so here we are. I know i don't email for 2 months and now
I'm emailing twice in a week. I wrote you all a 6 page letter
yesterday and gave it to elder Nai to take back to Tonga. Oh
yesterday Elder Cook brought with him from Tonga 18 letters for me,
that's not a typo-- 18 letters. It was pretty sweet. Mom sent one March
14 and it got to Tonga Aug 19 and I ended up reading it on Aug 31st.
I'm really trying to work on my lessons. There is a lot of time to
study here in Niua--we study nearly all day. I'm really focusing on
trying to study PMG and the scriptures. Elder Nai was great at
studying and I learned a lot from him. It was hard to see him leave
on the airplane yesterday.
I read 1 Nifai 3:7 the other day and that
really comforted me to know that Heavenly Father does not give us a
commandment unless there is a way for us to fulfill it. We have to
believe we can do it before we can do it. I remember one thing Sister
English said at the testimony meeting after my own trek
experience some 5 years ago. She was talking about climbing testimony
hill, she said quoting Harry Potter "I knew i could do it because i
had already done it". This life is but a test to prepare us to meet
with God. We have to believe that we can get through and we will
because He has already paid the price for us. Before i read that
scripture i really was thinking i never was going to learn the
language, then i read it and i learned that i had to believe that i
could learn the language. I think I've improved quite a bit since then.
I love you all. Keep me in your prayers. I don't know when I will be
able to net again. Keep emailing me and snail mailing me. I'll get them
in 4 or 5 months!!!

Ko e Siasi ni ko e Siasi 'oe Sisu Kalaisi

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Monday, August 29, 2011

Internet here in Niuatoputapu

Malo etau ma'u ki ahoni.

There is Internet here in Niuatoputapu i dont know when ill be able
to net again.
Thanks for not forgetting about me, i had 42 emails today. wow.
I am doing good, i havent held a conversation in English in over 7
weeks, i would say that my language has improved a lot. This past
transfer was probably the hardest of the mission but im doing great now.
we had 2 baptisims last week. A mother and a daughter. It is a really
rare thing to have a baptisim in Niua. there are about 900 people
here, and about 45 members. We usually eat once or twice a day, i've
lost some weight. The ocean is literally 200ft from where our house
is. i thing i told you thing in my snail letter. Elder Nai is getting
transfered tomorrow, my new hoa is Elder Kuki from Tonga. As much as
Tonga is a different mission then any where else in the world, Niua is
a different type of mission from Tonga.
I love you all, i was only
able to read like three of your letters because its so slow here.
send my love to everyone. i will write a snail mail today for Nai to
take to the Office.
mom and dad i love you both so much
Don't forget about me
thats crazy that Ellen has her license
wow i am old haha
Fu'u lahi 'ofa kiate kimoutolu

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


We received the following snail mail from Elder Maikolo today. He was transferred to the tiny island 8 July. We haven't had an email from him since he told us he was headed to paradise. The snail mail is dated 15 July, post marked
28 July in Tonga and received in Downey 9 August.
Not as bad as we thought--it took 3 weeks to get here.

So we finally hear from him 4 1/2 weeks after his last email.

Mom and Dad, Siulai 15, 2011

This is going to be a rushed letter b/c the candle is nearly finished. There is no electricity here in Niuatoputapu. We have a KEROSENE lamp and candles. I shower in the dark. I'm so grateful my watch has a light. It is so beautiful here. I can look out my window from where I study and see a mounga (mountain) and then turn around and look out the back window and see the Matatahi (beach), no joke.

Yesterday (P-day) we climbed the mountain, yeah no big deal, hiking a tropical mountain, and then we rode horses to the beach. I bet there are just as many horses here as there are people. I've asked around and there are not 1,000 people here, maybe 700. Niuatoputapu is about 800 kilometers from tonga. I took an hour plane ride in an 8 seater plane from tonga to va vau, then another hour from vavau to Nui, in the same 8 seater plane. I thought of you, Dad.

My hoa, (companion) is Elder Nai, who was my Zone Leader my second transfer. (The candle just died,I just rigged up a ghetto candle-you get creative when your only falekoloa is 3 km away). Elder Nai is 6'4, weighs 260, he played rugby at Liahona. He is buffer then buff.

There were 38 people at church on Sunday. There are two branches here and two Chapels. The Two Branches combined last Sunday b/c one of the Fale lotus is being repaired. There is a District Presidency here so there is a lot of Priesthood Leadership, which is good. The two Niuas are one District. Niuafo'ou (other island) is like 204 kms away from here. There are two missionaries there. They are the closest Elders to us.
I was kinda Ta'elata the first couple days. I really miss the people of NukuNuku and Elder Tu'auao but I've adjusted now. the work is much different here than in tonga with there being so few Kaingalotu and so few people in general. Sorry when I refer to Tonga I mean Tongatapu, the main island.
You can see my house on the google map. If you find the church in Vaipoa and then find the little white house. It's bigger than the one in Nuku but no electricity and sometimes the water dies in the middle of your shower.

Like Aunt Melissa says "ROLL WITH IT!".

I am including a letter to Dominic and Austin. Can you forward them .

I love you all so much and I hope all is well.
Ofa Atu,
Elder Maikolo

PS I ate Sea Turtle today. Pretty good. Have Uncle Rich get your some. Ofa Atu

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Exerpt from Missionary who knows Jacob in TONGA

Thought I'd share this excerpt from Elder Rogers letter this morning. Sounds like your son is going to be awesome!

"Ya, I know Elder Michael, that kid could talk the legs off a chair. No joke, he's got exactly what you need to be completely loved here. He's a good guy, good attitude, always talking, and isn't scared/embarrassed about anything, and that is exactly what you need to learn the language and get to these people hearts, he just got sent to Niuatoputapu (groberg's other side of heaven) and he's got the right stuff to do good work there."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Christmas in July

Hey Mom,
I got your package today, and about 7 letters. Thanks a lot for everything in the package, the clothes and candy were really nice and good. I gave most of it away to the family who I live with. I got Dominic's letter too, that was sent March 30, and I got 2 letters from Jessica Blackmer, try tell her that I just got them. The whole mission got swamped with mail today, it's been backed up till March, it was kinda like Christmas, Christmas in July. It really was a blessing to get all this mail before I leave to Niua.
You can just send regular mail to me at the mission office, the address
Elder Jacob Michael
Tonga Nuku'alofa Mission
P.O. Box 58
Nuku'alofa Tonga
South Pacific.
My companion is a native tongan, and he has been in Niuatoputapu for a while so I think I will be all right. I am going to Vava'u tomorrow and then up to Niua. I have heard rumors that they have internet there but it is supposed to be really slow and expensive. Yeah I will definitely be looking at the moon a lot because there isn't electricity there and very few lights at all, Love you all lots. I'll miss you but remember that I'm in the Lord's hands. Most Elder's who go there stay at least three transfers so about 4 months so it will be at least that long until I can really e-mail again. I just said bye to everybody in NukuNuku about an hour ago. It was weird to say goodbye because I have been there so long, I will really miss the people there in Nukunuku. I feel like I'm leaving the MTC again cause I have to pack all this stuff, my bag and everything and cause i'm going to the airport at 6:00 am and going on a plane again. I should probably go to bed now, I'm staying at the mission office with the Office Elders tonight. I love you all, I was going to right this all in a snail mail but they have internet in the mission office and Elder Sitalingi, the OE was kind enough to let me in late and use the computer, 'Ofa lahi atu, know you will be in my prayers, and keep me and the people of Niutoputapu in your prayers.
Love you all
-Elder Maikolo

News of Nuia

Martha, Nuia is a great opportunity! Very few missionaries get to serve
there. Our son, Gabe, served on Niua from February to May this year. He
LOVED Niua. Yes, it is the most remote and primitive of the islands. Yes,
there are some unique challenges there. There are only 2 missionaries--your
son and his comp. We didn't receive e-mails for the first 2 months (no
e-mail on the island), but President had Gabe to call us once during that
time to let us know he was alive and doing well. Somehow they were able to
get e-mail up and running the last 6 weeks he was there. There is no
electricity to speak of, though there are generators that run at night to
charge cell phones, etc. No running water. They had several tsunami
warnings (from the New Zealand and Japan earthquakes) while he was there,
and the warning sirens worked well on the island =) One time the warning
sounded and he and his comp had to help members flee up into the hills.
They slept on the ground, and a 3 foot swell was all they saw--but it was
enough to destroy many of the sea plants they had helped members plant
earlier that week. But they were totally safe. The thing that worried me
the most was the lack of food, but he didn't complain. They only eat once a
day, and sometimes it's not much. He and his Tongan comp would help the
members cast their fishing nets in the ocean (approved by President), and
the members would give them fish to eat. Once a month a supply ship comes
through and drops food, but it's scarce--especially for the missionaries.
At first the missionary work was slow, but it really picked up. I think
it's not always where our sons serve, but the attitude/obedience level of
their companions that can present the greatest challenges. He had a
wonderful experience on Niua, and so will your son! Now Gabe's serving on
Ha'Apai--by far his favorite of the 5 island chains. He is one sad guy
right now as he prepares to leave. If you have any questions, please don't
hesitate to contact me!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Phone Call

Hey Mom its me, i know it"s Wednesday, and not my P-day, but I found out where I am being transferred yesterday. Yesterday during the District meeting the Zone Leaders got a phone call from President and he wanted to talk to me. I thought he was going to tell me that one of you was dead or something, but Thank goodness that was not why he called me. No, he called me and told me to prepare my things because I am transferring to Niuatoputapu, or as the movie was called "The Other Side of Heaven". It's the same island that Kolipoki was on in the movie. It is about 400 miles from Tongatapu and one of the remote Islands in the world, and there won't be any Email there so I decided to email today because I am going to be busy tomorrow getting stuff from town. When you go to Niua you stay there for at least 4 months, so it might be that long before I can email again. I have heard some rumors that there is email there. But just know that i love you very much and that I am in the Lord"s hands.

That is so awesome that Brianna Forman was baptized what a wonderful experience for you all.

Transfer to The Other Side of Heaven (Niuatoputapu)

This is going to be my last Email for a while unless there is internet on Niua. this week was good, President came to church with us in Fatai, he helped us teach our investigators too which was really awesome. Monday was a holiday and we had a missionary program in Houma with the ZLs and other missionaries from our Zone. we went on comp exch with High Priest and members of the bishopric and went to preassigned house where there would be an investigator. i went with Elder Chandler who was in the mTC with me and we went with a sister who is preparing to serve a mission and we went to some of her family and taught them the first lesson. It was a really great lesson, one of the best that i have taught, after we were done the investigator had a question and i was able to understand it and give a really good answer. dad thanks so much for your note, i really do feel like family to these people and i am really sad to have to leave them. This how the Work works in Tonga you get close to the Kaingalotu, (members) and they give you people to teach i will definitely miss them all, and i will definitely miss hearing from all of you every week io will try to snail mail it to you all. I love you all and am so thankful to have a family back home giving me so much support 'Oku ou loto hounga'ia kiate kimoutolu
Ofa lahi atu
This Church is the Lords Church and this is his work!!!

Jul 5, 2011 at 3:30 PM,
i don't know who my companion is going to be but im pretty sure it will be a native Tongan. yeah i will never get those packages dang i was looking foreword to them too, i will try to get some snail letters off to you all, can you tell Roshan and Elena their birthdays are coming up and i was going to send them stuff but i don't think i will be able too any more. that was an awesome letter from Hillary that is neat that they are all united as one in serving the Lord and preparing for the Temple

Saturday, July 2, 2011


This week was a thousand times better then last week! I feel like I grew by leaps and bounds this past week in the Language. I'm not perfect, but you don't have to be perfect. I had a comp exchange on Wednesday with a native Tongan and i didn't speak any English all day, and we could still talk about basically the same stuff i would say in English!!! Thanks for all your prayers and support!! This week our were all really busy so we weren't able to have like any teachings, but we are going to commit Ngalu to be baptized next week, she is totally ready!, the only thing is she is pregnant, like 10 months pregnant and could have the baby any time so i don't know if she will be able to be baptized anytime soon.
There is only one more Pday left in the transfer, wow time flies bye fast!! I have been in Nukunuku/Fatai for almost 4 and half months. I can name everyone in the Nukunuku first ward, and 1/4 of the people in the SecondWard and maybe 3/4th of the people in the Fatai ward. not only can i tell you there names i can tell you where they grew up went to school, if their families are converts, whether their spouse lives over seas or not, who's husband inu kava, how many kids are in their family, where their children went on missions and when. I know all their stories. I can tell you who got married in the Temple, and who didn't. I love these people the greatest Saints live in Tonga and the greatest saints in Tonga live in Nukunuku and Fatai. I feel so blessed to be here as long as i have. We visited a really poor family the other day and i wished i was a billionaire so i could build them a bigger house,( there are 6 of them and only have a kitchen, living room, and 1 bed room and only 2 lights) but then another thought came to me, I'm a missionary i can bless their lives way more by serving with all my heart mind and might. I love these people so much and they in return love the missionaries so much too.
I hope all is well back home sounds like the reunion was a blast.

'Ofa lahi atu

Prayers work

Thanks so much mom for the prayers and support I felt I grew by leaps
and bounds in the language since last week. I vilo hoa (comp
exchanged) with a native Tongan and didn't speak English the entire

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ko e uike faingata a

Mom and all:
Thanks so much for the wonderful letters and support. I still haven't gotten Andrew or your package but I did get a package from Roshan that he sent from dearelder.com. It was my first actual mail in a super long time and I literally jumped for joy. Tell Roshan if he can to email me.
This week was a difficult one, and I guess what I mean by difficult I mean a humbling one. We still had success as the work is concerned. We gave away 5 Tohi a Molomonas on Monday night and we committed a family to baptism and they didn't say no. We still need to work with them a little more. But I still am having trouble with the Language and at times feel overwhelmed by all the stuff that I still don't know. But it's okay. A bad week in Tonga is better than a Great week anywhere else.
I love you all so much and hope that all is going good with everyone,every where.
Sorry this is short.

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Friday, June 17, 2011

The best week of my mission

Thank you all for your letters and news from literally around the world. That is so cool that KRissy is heading to Romania in September, the stake is really doing a great job of pumping out missionaries, by the time Krissy goes out how many will be in the field all together, the Downey Stake is well represented through out all the world.
This week was amazing, i think i will say the best week of my mission.
Last Friday we had Two baptisms, one in the morning of Maka and another one in the evening of a girl named Heu. We finished teaching them both a while ago but family trouble delayed their baptisms. The Lord does thinks on His own time not ours. having patience is key to this work especially here in TOnga.
Saturday was really cool it was Stake conference here in Tonga and we were able to go to all the meetings. The presiding authority was Elder Nelson who is a 70 and is in the PAcific area presidency , and there was another 70 Elder Thompson. he is an area authority from new Zealand they talked in english and then had it translated into tongan so it was kinda like language study at the same time. we went to the priesthood meeting and then the saturday evening session which everyone goes to here in TOnga, after the saturday evening session there was a luao in honor of the authorities there was a kaipola (fancy dinner for the authorities) and the youth of the stake performed dances and other cool stuff. Kinda funny after it was over and the authorities had all left Elder Tu'avao and I sat down at the table where there was a ton of food left over and started to eat using the same utensils and everything, we hadn't had a fafanga and the food couldn't go to waste, two bishops joined us after they were done cleaning up. The food was really good, i ate octopus which wow was delicious.
Sunday was the best day of my mission, maybe the best day of my life, i will not be able to wirte enough to do it justice but i was the happiest i have ever been in my life on Sunday. I had the most Spiritual experience of my life. It was the Sunday session of stake conference and Tuavao and i sat near the front in row four in the chapel, the first three rows had no one sitting in them. Then a Minister from another church came and sat in front of us. we knew he was not mormon because of the way he was dressed, the other ministers dress a certain way. The choir began singing the most beautiful song in the world, and i noticed that This minister started to shake, like his whole body was trembling and quivering, Elder Tuavao said "look he is feeling something" and i was like this guy is feeling the spirit, the spirit that can only be felt in Heavenly Fathers one true Church on the Earth today. and i started to cry. then a bunch of things started happening all at once, these people started filling in the three empty rows in front of us, and i noticed that these 'people' were all the recent converts in the last few months, and over half of them were taught by me. They had just gotten out of a meeting with Elder NElson, I had no idea that they were going to be there, and then to see them all there and see their smiles and see the glow that comes when someone accepts the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to have the knowledge that i had helped bring it too them, wow, i did every thing io could to hold back the tears but it wasn't enough, seeing them come in, I felt like i had been granted access to the Celestial Kingdom for 5 mins, maybe it was the choir, but that experience was the greatest most amazing experience of my 19 years here on earth so far. thats how i really felt. Im still tearing up when i tell about it. And to top it all off Sione and Ngalu our investigators came in after the recent baptized and sat in the front, that was the cherry on top. I cant really remember what all was said during conference but i can tell you how i felt. All of our investigators where there. okay thats the experience i erally wanted to share with you all love you so much keep up the great work you all Love you all, sorry this is rushed. I Learned from this experience that This work is not about me, it is all about the investigators, you don't study and have to know the language or be obedient for your self, no you have to do those things for the investigators.
okay got to 'alu

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hair cut Day

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Malo 'etau lava
Second i want to say thanks for all the letters i got this week they were all really great letters. THanks
This week i took notes in my planner about what to write home so i will follow that.
One of the two villages that i work in is called Fatai, and there is a Sister missionary from Fatai who served in Tonga. She finished last Monday, transfer day. her name is Sister Paongo she was in our Zone and i knew her while she was serving here in Tonga. Let me put this into perspective, her last area was Ha'ateiho, and she is from Fatai. Which is the equivalent to Downey and Hunington Park, she served in the same Zone as that covers her village. This is very common in TOnga and one of the Things that makes it kehe kehe. Any ways it was Fast sunday and she bore her testimony and wow it was really Spiritual all of sunday was really awesome and Spiritual. There was tokolahi (many people) in Church in Fatai the most since i;ve been here, i counted 58 it was because there was two babies being blessed. It was a great meeting. After Church in Fatai we came back to Nukunuku and wow there was a took si'i aupito, super small amount of people. the smallest its been, from one extreme to another. The primary did a program where they had all the kids bear testimonies in different languages, The bishops daughter had spanish Thanks a lot Mom for your testimony. after they were all done i got up and I bore my testimony in English it was kinda different but i am really happy that was
We have been teaching a family in Fatai where the dad is already baptized and even served a mission but fell away from the Church and now wants to come back. He still has a testimony and he wants his wife and kids to have the Gospel. We also have started teaching a woman named Laise her daughter was baptized in 2009 and really strong, and now she wants the know the Gospel. We taught her the first lesson yesterday and it was really good, followed the Spirit and everything. these are the oldest people i have taught so far.
oh okay Mom which Elder Lester is serving in Brisbine because i met an Elder here, Elder Vakameilalo he is going to serve in the Brisbine mission as soon as he gets his Visa. i told him about Elder Lester.
Well thats about al for this week. Sorry this is short compared to my other emails. Love you all a lot. Thanks for all the prayers and support.
Happy birthday again to Dad tomorrow. Hope you have a great day!!

'Ofa Lahi atu
Eleta Maikolo

Oh Dad I saw an Oshkosh shirt here on some little kid the other day. It was really funny. A lot of the clothing out here is from D I. You see all these BYU shirts on non-members. I saw a shirt on some lady a while back that said "Draper Pool and Recreational center" kinda random.
Oh did you get my snail mail letter??

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Papi Meeting

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I am in the same area, Nukunuku and Fatai, both me and Elder Tu'avao
stayed. Im pretty sure that we stayed because Bishope called
President. At first i was kinda sad because i was kinda looking
forward to transferring, not that i dislike Nukunuku i;ve grown really
close to the members here and it was going to be hard enough leaving
after two transfers now im here another one. Its all good though i've
learned that its not about what i want its what the Lord wants for us.
Yesterday I tracted for the first time, we have a new program on
Pday, before the start of Pday we tract every house in a certain
village and give away Tohi 'a Molomonas (Book of Mormons). Yesterday
we tracted in Ha'atafu the fathest west village in Tongatapu, and we
gave away an entire box of Book of Mormons!!! it was really cool!!
Ha'atafu's not in our area so we wont be able to teach any of the
people we found but still it was really cool. We are going to do this
every Pday until we have knocked everydoor in Hihifo (the western area
of Tongatapu) we are just going to go to a different village every
Pday with a box of Tohi 'a Molomona and kamata.
I didn't get a weekly letter from Dad this week and just a note from
Mom with the message from Roshans Dad. I did get that amazing story
about Arrio's benefactor from Dad, WOW what a miracle!!! that is such
a coooooool story!!! I've been telling everyone about it. How is
Elder Hoffman, we just got a new Zone Leader who is an Elder Hoffman
too haha i don't think any relation though. How is Billy on his
Minimission? How is Ellen? i didn't get an email from here either this
week. That is so cool that Russ came down for the weekend i bet that
was a fabulous Memorial
The work is going great we have 8 investigators in this time!! Maka
who we tried to pick a day to be baptized two weeks ago but he didn't
want to be baptized because his family would be mad, well we went and
visited with him and he want to be baptized now!! its awesome how the
Lord is always preparing people, we just have to wait until the time
is right. I baptized an 8 yearold this past saturday, her dad is
inactive and we thought her brother was going to baptize her, but when
the family should up for the papi service they were like "Maikolo, te
ke fai papi Lelani" it was a total surprise so i ran home and got my
papi clothes. it was really cool.
I love you all so much and thanks for all the love and Support.

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Malo e lelei Famili

Malo e lelei Famili!!!!
'Oku ou fakamalo aupito ki he Tamai Hevani ma'amoutolu ki 'eku mo'ui!!
This week was, well as Sefita Finau would say "No good". It was very
ta'e'oli. It started off great we had two baptisms on Monday, Ana
and Wesley, the kids whose grandpa kicked us out as we were teaching,
got baptized in to the Siasi 'o Sisu Kalaisi 'oe kau ma'oni'oni 'i he
ngaahi kimuini. Other then the baptism we didn't do much else. we
visited a lot of members but received no referrals, We might tract
this Friday, which would be my first time! The transfer ends on
Sunday and i am pretty sure that i am getting Transferred, this could
be the last time i email in a while, as i could be sent to a remote
Island with not electricity and where the rats eat the skin off your
feet haha most like not going to happen, i probably will stay on
Tongatapu and go to a different Zone. I really have gotten close to
the members here in Nukunuku and it will be hard to leave. The Bishop
yesterday called President to see if I can stay in Nukunuku, I felt
very appreciated but at the same time i don't want to put pressure on
President he has a tough enough job already.
It was sooo cold this week!! I know what your all thinking "cold in
Tonga??" It is winter here in the Southern Hemisphere and last night
at our fafanga (dinner) we were all shivering as we ate. I've just
been using a sheet as my blanket and my feet where uber cold last
night. Elder Tu'avao is going to get me a blanket today from this
place in Liahona. I love you all so much and i am so very grateful
for your support.
I had a really cool experience this week, on Sunday after Church we
went to a members home to visit. They were all asleep except for
Ma'afu who if you remember was the very first person i taught the
lessons to here in TOnga. He lives with his cousin Simi Mokofisi (the
Mokofisi's are one of my favorite families here in Tonga) Ma'afu and i
started talking and he was telling me how he wants to serve a mission.
This was sooooo cool to here. I looked back on when i first met
Ma'afu and how there is a glow about him now that comes with accepting
the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. After he was baptized he was
being all that active in the Church. I was worried for him, and i
said a prayer to Heavenly Father to help Ma'afu make some friends in
Church to help him stay active, and the next time i saw Ma'afu he was
hanging out with kids from the ward. Now he is preparing to serve a
mission he goes to Institute and is great friends with the LDS kids in
his area. President Hinckley said "Every Convert needs a friend" This
is so true They need friends that can answer their questions and help
them stay strong. look at some of the greatest converts we have seen
in our lives, Donna Penn, Josephine Diaz, Uncle Dave they all had
friends in the Gospel and look how strong each and everyone of them is
today in the Church.

The Gospel Of Jesus CHrist is the Greatest thing in the World
today!!!!! This is the greatest adventure of my life, to share the
Gospel with the Greatest people on Earth. Love you alll sooo much.
Read your scriptures especially the Tohi 'a Molomona. I read a
scripture in T&F(D&C) in 133:8 I call it my scripture, go read it
right now its really awesome. The Gospel of Jesus Christ brings so
much Joy to all of our lives, through it we are able to be happier
then we can imagine.
I have experienced the greatest happiness of my Life in my service to
the Lord. its not always been easy there are still struggles
everyday, but its not suppose to be easy, but it will be WORTH IT!!
'Oku ou 'ilo ngaahi me'a ko eni mo'oni!!

'Ofa Lahi aupito atu

Eleta Maikolo
PS Psalm 89:15 D&C 38:7

Thursday, May 19, 2011

KAtaki Fakamolemole!

First thing first.

I just wrote a huge email and then the computer died. Man, it was a Tika aupito email. well this week was great. We had a baptism on Saturday i performed the baptism which was really cool. We received a surprised on Monday when our ward mission leader showed up at 9 am with a investigator for us. That's how the work works here--the member brings the investigators to us. On Tuesday while we were teaching two kids at a house --we were about done with the lesson and the Grandpa showed up and man he was angry! He yelled at us to leave and so we did. But, we told the kids to meet us at a neighbor's house to talk about their baptismal date. That was kinda a theme for the week-- people 'ita aupito 'i Siasi Mamonga. On Wednesday we checked with a laumalie about his Baptisimal date but he told us he didn't want to be baptized b/c his family would disown him if he got mad. On Thrusday we had Zone Conference we watched a MTC fireside by Elder Holland the same one I saw live in the MTC. It was really Great. Sorry this is so short gots to go
Love you all
'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Church is True and the work is going forward

Dad Thanks alot for the personal letter, thanks for sharing your
experience from your mission. This mission is different then any
other mission in the World and its my mission i know that Heavenly
Father has called me here for a reason, everyday i am learning things
that will greatly bless my life down the road. In my mission prep
class Brother Bott told us that the mission is a literal roller
coaster ride for two years with amazing highs and the lowest of lows.
i have experienced that roller coaster ride. Like with the language
sometimes I wish i had been called English speaking because i wouldn't
have this language barrier, but then other Times i am able to carry on
a conversation with people and after im like whoa i just talked to
that person all in Tongan then i feel really good about myself and
then someone will ask a question to me and i will have no clue what
they are saying. I always try to tell my self that "Rome wasn't built
in a year and i will not become fluent in Tongan in 2 months" Someone
said to me yesterday "Good things take time" he was talking about
chicken that was cooking in a 'umu (underground oven) i was really
hungry and wanted to eat already but the food wasn't done cooking.
But when it was oh my goodness it was the best chicken ive had here.
The Lord is teaching me to be patient in a number of ways here in
Tonga, with my struggles in the Language and with the food haha.
It was great to talk to you all on Sunday/Saturday, Mom i hope you had
a wonderful Mother's Day talking to Hillary and being with Ellen.
Here In Tonga it was a big deal there were programs at both the wards
we went to. There was a Girl Mele, she was baptized two weeks ago
whoes birthday is Jan 13, 1995, she gave a small little talk about her
mother who passed away in March, it made me think about Samantha and
How is she doing?
I love you all hope that everything is going good i received TWO
packages yesterday!! One from Ashley Holt (a friend from BYU) and
another one from Grandma Marlyn they both were sent on April 12 and
were loaded with Candy tell grandma thanks for that. Love you all
tell Russ that i love him and good luck with school.
Dad Happy Fathers Day from Tonga i just learned this In Tonga they
have Fathers day the following Sunday after Mothers Day also it is
Father and Son's outing this weekend what are you going to do with
both Russ and I gone? spend some time with Ellen hope shes doing all
good with school winding down Thanks for sending Austins address, Hey
Dad what is your work email?

Love you all the Church is True and the work is going forward!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I will call you on Sunday here which is Saturday there

Mom and Dad, i will call you on Sunday here which is Saturday there in
America. I think that will be easier for you, that way you can have
Hillary call on Sunday and me on Saturday and wont have to worry about
us calling at the same time.
This week has really flown bye. Elder Tu'avao and i have really been
working hard and the Lord has really blessed us. We had a Baptisim
last Friday, a young girl Mele, i performed the baptisim which was
pretty neat, i was really nervous but i got through it.
we currently have 7 laumalie's (investigators) we just committed one
last night to be Baptized, a 16 year old girl named Heu. Her brother
was baptized 3 weeks ago he is in one of those pictures i sent home
two weeks ago. We are Really busy. We have been doing ngaue ofa
(service) for a half members family. We've been clearing this field
with machettes. its really backbreaking work. I cant wait to talk to
you all on Sunday(your Saturday) it probably be around 5 or 6 pm your
time. sorry this is so short again. I hope you enjoyed all the
pictures. especially the ones of the Dog hahaha

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Easter

Well i am really really sorry that my letter didnt get throught to you
last week. I wrote it on the same email as one of those pictures but
i guess it didn't get through im really sorry. it wasnt really long so
ill try to summerize what i said.
I didnt get transfered i stayed in Nukunuku which im really happy
about, though Elder Mafoa did get transfered which i was really sad
about. We got really close and i really missed him for the first few
days of the transfer. my new hoa is Elder Tu'avao from Orem Utah, he
went to school with Sarah Leveitt and was in the MTC with Travis
Se'uli. He has been out over a year and is really good at Tongan he
does not speak to me in English which i am very grateful for and since
he can speak English and Tongan equally well he is able to explain
stuff to me. the language is still a struggle for me but it will
come. The work is going great!! This week went by very fast, Elder
Tu'avao and I were out of the house all day talking to members and
talking to people, the Lord has really blessed us we currently have 4
progressing investogators, 3 of them have been committed to baptisim,
one is actually going to be baptized tomorrow which is AWESOME!!
Easter was kinda strange because all the other churches it was a
big deal and they were doing special programs but at church for us it
was not anything special, (or maybe it was but i just didnt know it
because i still cant really understand the Language haha)

Okay i got to go LOVE you all
Ellen have faith in your self
Dad congrats on the race and thanks for all the pictures
Mom you are awsome
LOve you all okay
sorry this is short.

PS. Ellen if you get the chance can you tell Roshan and the ORtiz that
i sent them a snail mail.
'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ma le

Malo tolava kakai 'oe Mamani!
This week has really flown bye!
Transfers are next week so this is likely my last week with Elder
Mafoa i am really going to miss him i have been really blessed with a
great companion and a great Trainer.
This was reallly an awesome week. Yesterday was perhaps the best day
of my mission! it was also the busiest day of my mission as well. We
woke up at 6 am to go clean the baptizimal font from then on we were
visiting members, making sure the programs were printed, getting the
baptismal records all straightened out, and other things preparing for
the baptism. We also had out quarterly interview with President that
went well. We were really busy all day the only time we had to relax
was when we ate Dog at Bishop's house. 'Uie Yah i ate dog yesterday
and it was as good as advertized. It was a little chewy and probably
could've used some A1 stake sauce but over all it was very delicious.
i took alot of pictures as evidence. At first it was a little weird
but then i tried it and tasted how good it was. it was probably the
best tasting meat I've had in along time, it kinda tasted like stake
but instead your eating off the bone like chicken. I hope that made
since and that your not throwing up right now.
The baptism yesterday was amazing. Three people where getting
baptized Maile, Siaku and Sosaia. There ages are 14, 16, and 9. We
Maile and Siaku are cousins and we taught them at their friends house
who are members. Sosaia's family are already members and he goes to
primary and everything but for some reason he wasnt baptized when he
was 8. Maile and Siaku's friend Lepeti baptized all three of them.
It was reallly a special baptism. the man who gave the talk about
baptizim talked about how there hadnt been a baptisim in Nukunuku of
more then 1 person in a really long time. Like the entire ward came
out to show their support there was almost as many people as sacrament
it was really cool and there was a special Spirit there. I it was the
coolest baptisim ive been too since Josephine's baptism. After the
service we had Ice cream and bread rolls. Bishope's friend provides
ice cream at every baptism for Free. "The Church is true" he says
when he told me about that.

Well thats about it with me sounds like everything is going great back
home with the kitchen and everything. Love you all so much thanks so
much for all the prayers and love. The work is going forth here in

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

P.S. tell Hubeto CeolIo i found out that one of the sisters in one of
the Families in the ward went on her mission to Boise Idaho with him
isnt its such a small world!. She is married now but her name on her
mission was Sister 'Ahokav

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

'Ofa Lahi Atu

Oh good im glad Hillary got that Email from Elder Fokimauana, yah the
APs came and picked us up and i thought we would come back later but
didnt happen. Yeah i baptized 4 kids the Saturday before last, i was
told like literally 5 mins before the start of the baptisimal service
that i would be performing the baptisim and go and change, i didnt
even know their names so i had to have them read to me from of the
witnesses, it was really a cool experience, there were a total of 6
people baptized that Saturday which was really awesome, the last
person baptized was a sister from austraila and the service was in
English, it was kinda cool to hear everything in english again. An
investigator Elder Mafoa and I have been teaching Maafu got baptized
last Wednesday, by his cousin. He is the first person i taught all
the lessons to, (more like Elder Mafoa taught the lessons and i just
bore my testimony). We have 5 investigators that we have either
already started teaching or will teach by the end of this week. two of
them already have baptisimal dates. We also are teaching a 9 year old
who goes to church and his whole family are members but for some
reason he didnt get baptized when he was 8 so the missonaries have to
teach him, its kinda weird because he has gone to primary his entire
life, i teach him in my broken Tongan which is really good . The
Language has been a struggle, i never know what is going on during
meetings and my comp is the one who does all the talking ...
i am getting better and should realize im not going to become
fluent in my first transfer.
This week i had some really cool experiences:
ELder mafoa and i took some short cuts through the 'uta (the bush or
wilderness) to get to some members houses, i bet i was the first white
person to ever have seen the path we took. it was really awesome to
walk where only pigs and young kids have been before... we visited a great
family this week..the father
is in the Bishopric and the wife is in the primary presidency and gave
a talk a couple of sundays ago. they are some of the most fathful
people ive met here in Tonga. they literaly had no material things but
they were some of the richest people i know because they have a
testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I know ive said this before but the best members in the world are here
in tonga, they love the missionaries, and one of the hardest things
ive experienced so far is eatting at a families house and having
everyone watch you eat. we eat first and no one else eats until we are
done. its strange and kinda hard when you have the little kids who
you know are hungry and want food but they have to wait until you are
done and you know that they might go without food for a little while
so that they can feed the missionaries. you want to eat as much as
you can so that you respect the family but at the same time if you eat
all the food then there is nothing left for them. Seeing what they
sacrifise to feed me gives me such a greater love for these people and
a desire to serve them like Ammon served The Lamonites.
Well i hope a everything is going good back home, we didnt watch
conference last week they watch it the following week here in tonga so
i will watch it this saturday and sunday.
I hope you all know that i love you so much and im so grateful for
your prayers and love.
'Oku ou 'ilo koe Siasi 'o Sisu Kalaisi 'o e kau Ma'oni'oni 'i he
ngaahi aho kimui ni koe siasi taha 'i he mamani.
'Ofa Lahi Atu
Elder Maikolo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Malo lelei

Malo lelei!
Well this week has been awesome and i had some really amazing experiences.
I baptized my first person as a missionary on Tuesday, it was the
coolest experience ever, i did it all in tongan and his name was
Atunaisa Lalameipau Fa'uhiva, he is a 19 year old boy who Elder
Mafoa had already been teaching before i got here, i taught him for
one lesson but Elder Mafoa let me baptize him. there was a baptisim
in our Zone last friday and saturday, and we committed a boy we have
been teaching, Ma'afu, to be baptized next Wednesday! you baptize a
lot in Tonga! we are also teaching two other people, i cant remember
there names, i've been struggling to remember the names of peoples
names that i meet, i need to fix that.
Thanks so much for all the
emails, i am glad that Arrio is safe in Japan thanks for his email. I
emailed my friend Chad who is still in the MTC and he said his mission
wasnt effected.
its been raining like crazy here in tonga, but everyone i ask says its
pretty normal, i heard that there is might be a hurricane coming, but
Tonga goes through a number of hurricanes each year so nothing to
worry about plus coming but the Lord will protect His Servants.
I had an amazing experience on Monday, we were teaching Ma'afu at the
Mokofisa family's house for FHE, and the lesson was really great and
after the family let anyone who wanted to say anything speak. I
thanked the family for their love for missionaries and their love for
me and Elder Mafoa. They are so family oriented and loving and my
favorite family here and the nicest people in the world. I felt the
spirit so strong it was such an awesome experience. like i said
before the Tongan members are the greatest members in the World and i
am so grateful to be here. They are so full of love for the
Missionaries and the Gospel its awesome.
I didnt get the chance to eat dog this week when i do i will write
home about it. im not sure how offten i will be able to write hand
written letters, but i will try to be able to.

Well sorry this is short have to go love you lots
'Ofa lahi atu
Elder Maikolo
i will send pictures next week.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elder Michael WRITES from TONGA

Malo e lelei kainga mamani!!
'Oku ou nofo 'i Tonga!
Well after almost 5 months of waiting i have arrived in TOnga, it is
truly the otherside of Heaven, the pretttiest place in the world, i
have to pinch myself (or have a misquitoe bite me) to remind myself im
actually here. I am serving in the village of Nukunuku, on the west
side of the main Island of TOngatapu. My companion's name is Elder
Mafoa, he his from Haakame about five villiges over from where were
serving. He doesnot speak alot of English, in fact he never spoke
english before his mission so there is not a lot of communication
that goes on between us, but it okay its going to force me to learn
TOngan which is something i really need. Our house is maybe the same
size at my dorm room at BYU, maybe a little smaller. no maybe a
little bigger because we have a bathroom and shower, only cold water,
but ill roll with it. Our area covers threee wards, two in Nukunuku
and one in Fatai. we do a lot of walking, alot of walking but its all
good. i have a tavala and a kafa that i wear with my tupenu so i look
like a legit tongan. I spoke in one ward in Nukunuku on sunday i
really just bore my testimony, it was that good, i have a lot of work
to do concerning the language and PMG. but its all good Aunt Melissa
thank you so much for your advice, "Roll with it" has become my theme,
because in tonga you just have to go with the flow especially if you
and your comp dont speak the same language. If there is hair in your
drink, roll with it and drink it any way, if there are ants in on your
crackers it means you have some protien with your breakfast. the first
night here there were i think 7 cockroaches and centipedes, but there
not poisionous so i dont worry. I trust in the Lord to protect me and
so i trust in Him and roll with it. THe food here is amazing!! like
amazing best food ive ever had. The first two days we got here
before we headed out to our areas Sister Tukuafu made us a feast at
every meal, ive eaten more then i thought i could, but its all healthy
so its all good. You literally pick the fruit off the trees and brush
the bugs off(if you dont want any protien) and bite in. Ive had fresh
picked coconuts, guava, mango, mei, vi and a bunch of others that i
cant remember. realllllly good. THe meat is aweosme too, They eat
corned beef, regular beef, pig, sheep, dog, chicken, horse, bat, cat,
fish, and a bunch of other things. the other day a big spider was
running across the floor and my hoa(comp in tongan) picked it up and
ate it, yeah thats how it is here, i dont think i will be doing that
any time soon. I hear horse and dog are the best food here, i havent
tried them yet but i think i will ask some members to make it for us.
The members here are awesome, the best members in the world live in
Tonga, 50% of the entire country is already baptized but there still
is a lot of work to be done. We mostly just go and hangout with
members all day, its through them that we do all the missionary work
so its important to have a good relationship with them. I mostly just
speak to the children at the homes there are a lot of little kids here
and i love talking to them, they correct my tongan and are not
imdimidating to talk to, my tongan knowledege is also alot closer to
their level. Its horrible but i knoe that the best way to learn is to
open my mouth and speak. thats what im trying to do. the Lord has
blessed me with a hoa who can teach me the language. this is the
greatest thing i have ever done in my life, and i wouldnt be any
where else in the world. Yesterday we had an open house at a church
building in Houma
and a lot of investigators came, we taught them the Palani 'o e
Fakamo'ui (plan of salvation) i didnt teach i just stood around and
looked nice, but i felt the spirt so strong, it was one of the
cooolest things ever! i know that they all felt the spirit tooo. Ah i
love spreading the Gospel! Oh ive been to the Temple in Liahona
twice, its all in tongan but it is soooo coool, i dont understand
anything but you can feel the Spirit. the Spirit speaks alll
languages, whether its lea fakaTonga, lea fakaPalngi, lea fakaMiko,
lea fakaPortugal, or any other lea. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is
true no mattter what you speak, or where you are.
This is a much longer email because im at a ward building in Houma on
a Church computer and there is no time limit woot woot wooot, i dont
know if i will be able to email ever week i will try but im not making
any promises. Snail mail takes about 2 weeks to get here, i just
barely got a letter from Ashley Holt that was sent to me on the 25th
of Feburary. i am really close to the mission home so i should get
mail sooner then if i was any where else in the mission, in some
places where there is no internet, you go months with out mail. but
its all good because i didnt come all this way to wait around for the
mail to come, i am here to as it says in D&C 42:6 "..go forth in the
power of my Spirit, Preaching My Gospel two by two.." thats what im
here to do, build up the kingdom of God on the Earth.
I hope that all is well with everyone back home and that Arrio is safe
in Japan, we had a tusnami warning here in tonga but nothing
happened.I trust in the Lord to protect us. Dad you mentioned
something about there being two 6.0 earthquakes in Tonga, i dont think
there were, i havent felt the ground shake at all and I've asked
around and i think the Fijin new was mistaken. Everything is find and
danty here in Tonga, President Tukuafo is sending you, Mom and Dad, a
snail mail letter. I think its just to let you know that we are safe
and stuff. I hope the kitchen is goin well and that its at least
started to be constructed. Love you all more then luggage!! there is
no rowing going on down here in Tonga uncle dave and Melissa. The
weather is straight up perfect and it rains often but its like a warm
shower, wont have many of those the next two years. Oh and i might
have to buy a laundry machine like Russell did in Germany, except that
a laundry machine consists of a bucket, soap, water, and two hands.
Some one stole i mean "borrowed" our bucket. Love you lots hope this
wasnt tooo long of a letter i thought it would make up for all the
really short ones i had in the MTC.
'Ofa lahi Atu
Elder Maikolo
Ps i will try to email some pictures, i have a lot

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ELDER MAIKOLO arrives in Tonga

We believe Jacob is in Tonga! We have yet to have that verified but we haven't heard anything that would suggest he was not there.
Last Tuesday we were able to speak with him for a few hours when he landed in Los Angeles. He phoned from the pay phones there in the Terminal and when one of the calls dropped, I called the number back and to my surprise and amazement, Elder Michael answered the phone. This new arrangement meant that we would talk until he boarded the plane, or until he said goodbye. We learned how to do three way calling and got Russell on the phone as well as Aunt Melissa and her family (except for Luke, he would not wake up!). We called Dean's parents in Washington and they were able to say goodbye to Jacob as well.
During our visit, he spoke Tongan to us--sharing the things he learned in the MTC. We told him we thought he spoke really well in Tongan--of course, we don't speak it but he sounded like he knew what he was saying. He sounded happy and excited to be leaving for the mission field.
When it was time to say goodbye, Jacob asked if we could have a prayer with him--he offered it in Tongan, and we did feel the spirit in his words. He is ready.
We got to speak to him one more time. He phoned us from New Zealand==collect. Not sure what that will cost, but no amount of money can take away from how good it was to hear him. He said they were met at the airport by one of the Elder's family in their group who lives not far from the airport. The dad drives a tourist bus and brought it to pick the 13 of them up to show them around and feed them. They had an 8 hour layover so there was time. He sounded tired but excited. He mentioned he knew they were on their way because everyone in the terminal was Tongan--
Now, we are waiting to hear how it was to arrive in Tonga. The earthquake happened Friday and the Pacific Islands were on Tsunami watch until Saturday. There were two earthquakes in Tonga but were not big enough to cause any damage-however, the islanders were moved from the coast and camping out at the King's residence--so Elder Michael arrived just in time for a warm welcome.
We hope to hear from him...sometime. I am prepared to have it not happen too soon as we know the internet isn't available on many of the islands. We know he is in good hands and that Heavenly Father is watching over him. Thank you to all who are praying for Elder Michael and all the other Missionaries. I know those prayers are heard--Malo e Lelei

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear mom and all
Isn't it crazy that this is my last email from the MTC and my last time i will actually be on a computer in the united states for the next two years! wow it has really flown by extremely fast. sorry about last week, i completely lost track of time. i have plenty of time today and should say everything i want to say.
So this has been my last week at the MTC and i have strived to make it my most successful and productive. i'll go day by day. Last Thursday we received our travel plans! we leave for Tonga on the 8Th of March (next Tuesday) we fly from Salt lake to LAX then from LAX to New Zealand then we wait there for 8 hours before we head out to Tonga. overall it is 27 hours of traveling which is ALOT but just means more time to study the language, i think I'm going to read my entire dictionary on the plane ride. Friday there was a HUGE snow storm here in Utah. I've never seen so much snow. I'm so happy that i leave for Tonga in 5 days. We had a really good lesson from Brother Payne on Friday about caring about the needs of our investigators, and how we should always focus our study around their needs. I love Brother Payne. He is my favorite teacher and always gives the best lessons. the other teachers are great but Payne is the most experienced and really knows how to teach well. Saturday was another great day. we finished service in 20 mins again. we didn't make our goal of 15 mins but there is always this Saturday. We prepped all day for the TRC, we taught all in Tongan again and it went really well, i still have sooooo much to learn though. The volunteer we taught got back from Tonga in December he told us some really cool stories about what he ate and other things, i will have some crazy stories to tell when i get home. He said that they eat fish like an apple over there, like you catch the fish, cut the skin off and dig in. Hmmmmm sounds delicious! He also said that he had over 60!!! boils!!! i hope i don't get that many. Sunday was great, i love Sundays best day of the week by far! The fireside speaker was awesome, he was hilarious and had a very good message. One of the things that he did was have missionaries stand up. He had all the missionaries who have siblings who are currently serving a mission stand up and i stood up. That was a really cool experience and I'm so grateful to have a sibling serving a mission at the same time as me. Ofa atu Irma Michael! Sunday night i said bye to Elder Hoffman who left for Japan on Monday. Elder Makinati and i went to his residence to say goodbye to him, he is going to be a great missionary and will tear it up in Japan, it was weird to see him all packed up and ready to go b/c that's me in 5 days!!! it got me really excited about going to Tonga. Monday was great too, but i can't really remember anything that happened right now and i only have 4 mins left, sooooo Tuesday was awesome, i finished the Book of Mormon which was really cool, I've been waking up at 5:45 to read it and i really wanted to finish it be fore i left, a Haitian creole speaking district left Tuesday and it was sad to see them go. we were pretty close to them they are going to Florida Ft Lauderdale. The Devotional speaker on Tuesday was Bishop Edgley and it was really a great talk. Elder Makinati told me that a bishop from the Lynwood ward passed away it hit Paul pretty hard. I can't believe that i am leaving in 5 days.
i have loved it here at the MTC and have grown so much spiritually I love you alll
Ofa Atu
Eleta Maikolo

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Dear Mom and All,
In 12 days I will no longer be in the US but instead on an Island more then 2000 miles from where you are. I can't believe that it all has gone by sooo fast. It's crazy that I've been here 8 weeks. It's crazy!
I hope everything back home is going well with everyone and everything.
This past week was full of really cool experiences:
I received a package from Clay & Jessica Blackmer which had some really really good cookies.
On Saturday Elder Lose and I finished service in 20 mins!! record time we are shooting for 15 mins this Saturday. ha ha!!
We had the TRC in all Tongan again and we were teaching lesson 2 for the first time in all Tongan so it didn't go as smooth as lesson one but we teach it again this Saturday and it should go better. Oh there is volunteer who comes to the TRC and is from Murrietta and knows Aunt Judy. His name is Hernande.
As a district we made up a rule that if you have a worldly thought or start singing a worldly song you have to do 10 push-ups; its kind of a way to keep every one focused. We are going to be yoked by the time we get to Tonga. ha ha
It snowed like crazy the other day here. I really can't wait to get to Tonga where it is 78 degrees year round. The sporadic Utah weather is really kinda annoying.
This Sunday I was in the Choir for the Fireside; it was pretty cool. We sang Precious Savior Dear Redeemer. I fell asleep in Choir practice while singing, it was pretty funny. The devotional was really good. It was a member of the MTC presidency and his wife they spoke all about Music and how it touches the soul and is really good at bringing the spirit into a room. Music is a HUGE part of the Tongan Culture.
I met a Madagascar teacher here at the MTC who was companions with Will Lumsden. It's such a small world. I also met an elder who is from Lewiston, Idaho and went to high school with Austin. His name is Elder Peterson. And I hosted this Wednesday an Elder from Pomona CA who's grandma is in the Downey 3rd ward, Mary Ann Foster.
It is neat to see all the different nationalities that are represented here at the MTC. You have Elders and Hermanas from all over the world. This really is a world wide church.
On Tuesday our devotional speaker was Elder Kearon of the 70. He is from England but has lived all over. He gave a great talk about inviting people into the refuge. I love that we get to hear from General Authorities every week. I only have one more Tuesday left which is crazy to think about. I also only have one more email that i will send from the US. That is INSANE!!
Hope all is well, love you all

Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dear Mom and all,
I only have 19 days here at the MTC, then i am in TOnga!! im so excited to get out in the Field and start serving. Also it has been really cold here in Utah and i cant wait to get to warm sunny Tonga!! Plus the food here at the MTC does things to a persons stomach that i wont mention here and i cant wait to have real food in tonga
Well this week went by so fast, actually all 6 weeks ive been here have gone by super fast, it feels like yesterday i arrived here.
On saturday i finally saw Dana Kendall, that was really cool, also on Saturday we taught lesson 1 in only tongan at the TRC and it went really welll. Elder Rose and i practices teaching twice before we got to the TRC and that really helped. I think that the language is coming along really well the Lord has blessed me with the Gift of Tounges and i am being blessed. I got a package from grandma and grandpa Michael full of valintines day goodies that was really awesome. Also on saturday we got done with service in 30 mins which is warp speed and i used the extra time to take a small nap and study the language, its always important to shapen the saw.
On sunday i tried my best to stay focued the entire day and use my time wisely, on the Temple walk i toook a lot of pictures and saw some friends from BYU, speaking of friends from BYU yesterday i had the opportunty to be a NEw missionary Host, The elders who greet the new elders as they arrive at the MTC, i hosted one of my good friends from BYU Elder Jake Shuss who was in my summer ward. It was really cool beuing a host, you can see the excitement on the new elders faces wayy awesome.
Monday was another productive day got a lot of studying done, i saw a kid from Uncle Johns ward, Elder Call who is going to texas.
Tuesday was not a productive day at all, as a district we wasted a lot of time and didnt get anything really done, and the Devotional speaker's talk was just what we needed.
The Speaker was Elder Pearsons of the 70, i was sad at first because it wasnt an apposle but the talk was the best one ive heard at the MTC, it was all abut how we need to be 100% obedient and jhave the faith to succeed,
One thing that stood out from the talk was that he said these exact words "happiness is a choice" no lie he said that, chills ran dwon mty back bec that was Aunt rachels famous saying, and i realized that its up to me to become who i want to become.

sorry i ran out of time love you all
Ofa atu Elder MIchael