Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Church is True and the work is going forward

Dad Thanks alot for the personal letter, thanks for sharing your
experience from your mission. This mission is different then any
other mission in the World and its my mission i know that Heavenly
Father has called me here for a reason, everyday i am learning things
that will greatly bless my life down the road. In my mission prep
class Brother Bott told us that the mission is a literal roller
coaster ride for two years with amazing highs and the lowest of lows.
i have experienced that roller coaster ride. Like with the language
sometimes I wish i had been called English speaking because i wouldn't
have this language barrier, but then other Times i am able to carry on
a conversation with people and after im like whoa i just talked to
that person all in Tongan then i feel really good about myself and
then someone will ask a question to me and i will have no clue what
they are saying. I always try to tell my self that "Rome wasn't built
in a year and i will not become fluent in Tongan in 2 months" Someone
said to me yesterday "Good things take time" he was talking about
chicken that was cooking in a 'umu (underground oven) i was really
hungry and wanted to eat already but the food wasn't done cooking.
But when it was oh my goodness it was the best chicken ive had here.
The Lord is teaching me to be patient in a number of ways here in
Tonga, with my struggles in the Language and with the food haha.
It was great to talk to you all on Sunday/Saturday, Mom i hope you had
a wonderful Mother's Day talking to Hillary and being with Ellen.
Here In Tonga it was a big deal there were programs at both the wards
we went to. There was a Girl Mele, she was baptized two weeks ago
whoes birthday is Jan 13, 1995, she gave a small little talk about her
mother who passed away in March, it made me think about Samantha and
How is she doing?
I love you all hope that everything is going good i received TWO
packages yesterday!! One from Ashley Holt (a friend from BYU) and
another one from Grandma Marlyn they both were sent on April 12 and
were loaded with Candy tell grandma thanks for that. Love you all
tell Russ that i love him and good luck with school.
Dad Happy Fathers Day from Tonga i just learned this In Tonga they
have Fathers day the following Sunday after Mothers Day also it is
Father and Son's outing this weekend what are you going to do with
both Russ and I gone? spend some time with Ellen hope shes doing all
good with school winding down Thanks for sending Austins address, Hey
Dad what is your work email?

Love you all the Church is True and the work is going forward!!

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