Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Friday, November 18, 2011


Mom and Dad thanks so much for the money.  I showered with toothpaste
this morning because our soap ran out last night,  it wasn't the first
time i've used it, i dont know if it really cleans your body but
atleast you feel clean and minty after.  Yeah like ive told you a
million times Niua is way different then serving in Tongatapu, there
are plenty of members to feed us there, but  here in NIua well we
really only have two homes that feed us. We try to find service not
just to help people but to get food.  When we have money we dont have
to worry about finding food. I guess that is one reason the money runs
out fast.  But in less then two weeks President it coming with a 70 to
have District conference here.   They are coming on a wednesday Nov 30
and then leaving the following MOnday Dec 5.  President called
yesterday and told me that i would be leaving Niua on the 5th together
with him and the kau taki.   We are really excited for them to come
because it means we will eat really good. Kaipola aho katoa!!!  Now
that we have money we can really direct our focus on inviting peopleto
theconference and doing more normal missionary work.  Iet me tell you
this one thing if i were Tom Hanks in "Cast Away" i would be alright.
I can tell you what kind of plants are useful and what trees have
edible fruit. Ive gotten really good at climbing mango trees, thats
usually what we have for breakfast.  Oh Ellen did i tell you that i
ate fish like an apple! ive done like a dozen times now.  One time it
was still moving when i bit into it.  its not too bad actually pretty
good, you dip it into the salt water to add some flavor.
I love the song "I'll go where you want me to go Dear Lord"  all my
life i sang that knowing that He would send me somewhere to serve my
mission.  And  now he has sent me here, Niua where its not so easy to
live let alone do missionary work, but I have come to realized that
its not my will that will be done but  His.  I have really learned to
FEAST on the words of Christ and live off prayer, and just trusting in
the Lord.  Proverbes :3:5 is one of my favorite scriptures.

Looks like you are all doing great back home.  The new missionary is
coming with President on the 30th,  i cant wait to get all the mail
they are going to bring me. I havent sent any snail mail since
September, but i will send alot on December 6th.   mom sorry but can
you send some "Fusion razor" heads ask Russell or Dad to explain that.
Thanks for sending a package i hope to get it before Christmas. Tell
everyone Hello for me and 'Ofa atu!

"Oku ou tala atu 'oku ou ilo ilo pau 'etau siasi koe pule'anga 'oe
Otua i he mamani Ahoni.  "Oku Mo'ui he Fkmo'ui, Ko Sisu koe Kalaisi,
he Huhu'i moe Fkmo'ui oe mamani moe kakai fulipe!



  1. I am so speechless about every aspect of this post!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't even know what to say?! from the toothpaste to the raw fish to not eating to everything. I am sure you read this with lots of tears and lots of laughter! it takes a special kind of missionary to serve and love a place like this. It just proves that the gospel is true!! xoxo