Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Malolele again from Niua


 Malolele.  Another week gone by here in Nieua thanks so much fro the
money last week.  it was really needed.  I over exagerated last week
ehen i said that we only wear missionary clothes two days aweek,  i
think it is more like 4 days aweek and 3 days doing service.  I have
had  really cool experiences with prayer, where i pray that there will
be food for us when we visit people and then there is.  I pray alot
here, and do a lot of trusting in the Lord.  Did i tell you that i
have met people from all over the world during my time here. i have
met people from FloridaEngland, Germany, Czec  Republic,
Switzerlandjapan an other places.  THey all come to Niua on yachts.
Most are trying to sail around the world.  Its pretty cool to talk
with them all though  their english is not that good.  Right now we
are trying to visit inactive members and go to the uta with potential
investigators.  We are trying to prepare for District conference in
December.we go nearly every day about 6:00pm right before the sun sets
and play malemale, a kinda touch rugby with the kids in the
neighboring villiage. Im getting pretty good, i kicked a drop goal
yesterday.  The sun sets here are beyond explaination, last night it
was kinda salmonish pinkish, that doesnt do it justice.    Sounds
like mom is having fun going everywhere and  Dad is running
and Russ it still in school.I think thats it I love you all and dont
worry about me. Oh  when we talk at Christmas remaind  me to tell you
about my realyl coo experience
about prayer and rain. i cant explain it over email.
The mailing number that has been on all my letters is 00279/0001 I
think that the nuber for tonga maybe if you put that on the letters it
will go by faster.  I dont think ill be able to email next week, ill
try to make it a two week deal, its $4 pa'anga for a half hour
Can you send me a flash-drive as part of a Christmas package and so
ghram crackers

PS i might be asking for some more money next time i net,  it goes by
fast living in a place like this. but dont worry we are fine.

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