Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ma le

Malo tolava kakai 'oe Mamani!
This week has really flown bye!
Transfers are next week so this is likely my last week with Elder
Mafoa i am really going to miss him i have been really blessed with a
great companion and a great Trainer.
This was reallly an awesome week. Yesterday was perhaps the best day
of my mission! it was also the busiest day of my mission as well. We
woke up at 6 am to go clean the baptizimal font from then on we were
visiting members, making sure the programs were printed, getting the
baptismal records all straightened out, and other things preparing for
the baptism. We also had out quarterly interview with President that
went well. We were really busy all day the only time we had to relax
was when we ate Dog at Bishop's house. 'Uie Yah i ate dog yesterday
and it was as good as advertized. It was a little chewy and probably
could've used some A1 stake sauce but over all it was very delicious.
i took alot of pictures as evidence. At first it was a little weird
but then i tried it and tasted how good it was. it was probably the
best tasting meat I've had in along time, it kinda tasted like stake
but instead your eating off the bone like chicken. I hope that made
since and that your not throwing up right now.
The baptism yesterday was amazing. Three people where getting
baptized Maile, Siaku and Sosaia. There ages are 14, 16, and 9. We
Maile and Siaku are cousins and we taught them at their friends house
who are members. Sosaia's family are already members and he goes to
primary and everything but for some reason he wasnt baptized when he
was 8. Maile and Siaku's friend Lepeti baptized all three of them.
It was reallly a special baptism. the man who gave the talk about
baptizim talked about how there hadnt been a baptisim in Nukunuku of
more then 1 person in a really long time. Like the entire ward came
out to show their support there was almost as many people as sacrament
it was really cool and there was a special Spirit there. I it was the
coolest baptisim ive been too since Josephine's baptism. After the
service we had Ice cream and bread rolls. Bishope's friend provides
ice cream at every baptism for Free. "The Church is true" he says
when he told me about that.

Well thats about it with me sounds like everything is going great back
home with the kitchen and everything. Love you all so much thanks so
much for all the prayers and love. The work is going forth here in

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

P.S. tell Hubeto CeolIo i found out that one of the sisters in one of
the Families in the ward went on her mission to Boise Idaho with him
isnt its such a small world!. She is married now but her name on her
mission was Sister 'Ahokav

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