Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Dear Mom and All,
In 12 days I will no longer be in the US but instead on an Island more then 2000 miles from where you are. I can't believe that it all has gone by sooo fast. It's crazy that I've been here 8 weeks. It's crazy!
I hope everything back home is going well with everyone and everything.
This past week was full of really cool experiences:
I received a package from Clay & Jessica Blackmer which had some really really good cookies.
On Saturday Elder Lose and I finished service in 20 mins!! record time we are shooting for 15 mins this Saturday. ha ha!!
We had the TRC in all Tongan again and we were teaching lesson 2 for the first time in all Tongan so it didn't go as smooth as lesson one but we teach it again this Saturday and it should go better. Oh there is volunteer who comes to the TRC and is from Murrietta and knows Aunt Judy. His name is Hernande.
As a district we made up a rule that if you have a worldly thought or start singing a worldly song you have to do 10 push-ups; its kind of a way to keep every one focused. We are going to be yoked by the time we get to Tonga. ha ha
It snowed like crazy the other day here. I really can't wait to get to Tonga where it is 78 degrees year round. The sporadic Utah weather is really kinda annoying.
This Sunday I was in the Choir for the Fireside; it was pretty cool. We sang Precious Savior Dear Redeemer. I fell asleep in Choir practice while singing, it was pretty funny. The devotional was really good. It was a member of the MTC presidency and his wife they spoke all about Music and how it touches the soul and is really good at bringing the spirit into a room. Music is a HUGE part of the Tongan Culture.
I met a Madagascar teacher here at the MTC who was companions with Will Lumsden. It's such a small world. I also met an elder who is from Lewiston, Idaho and went to high school with Austin. His name is Elder Peterson. And I hosted this Wednesday an Elder from Pomona CA who's grandma is in the Downey 3rd ward, Mary Ann Foster.
It is neat to see all the different nationalities that are represented here at the MTC. You have Elders and Hermanas from all over the world. This really is a world wide church.
On Tuesday our devotional speaker was Elder Kearon of the 70. He is from England but has lived all over. He gave a great talk about inviting people into the refuge. I love that we get to hear from General Authorities every week. I only have one more Tuesday left which is crazy to think about. I also only have one more email that i will send from the US. That is INSANE!!
Hope all is well, love you all

Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

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