Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Dear Mom and all,
I only have 19 days here at the MTC, then i am in TOnga!! im so excited to get out in the Field and start serving. Also it has been really cold here in Utah and i cant wait to get to warm sunny Tonga!! Plus the food here at the MTC does things to a persons stomach that i wont mention here and i cant wait to have real food in tonga
Well this week went by so fast, actually all 6 weeks ive been here have gone by super fast, it feels like yesterday i arrived here.
On saturday i finally saw Dana Kendall, that was really cool, also on Saturday we taught lesson 1 in only tongan at the TRC and it went really welll. Elder Rose and i practices teaching twice before we got to the TRC and that really helped. I think that the language is coming along really well the Lord has blessed me with the Gift of Tounges and i am being blessed. I got a package from grandma and grandpa Michael full of valintines day goodies that was really awesome. Also on saturday we got done with service in 30 mins which is warp speed and i used the extra time to take a small nap and study the language, its always important to shapen the saw.
On sunday i tried my best to stay focued the entire day and use my time wisely, on the Temple walk i toook a lot of pictures and saw some friends from BYU, speaking of friends from BYU yesterday i had the opportunty to be a NEw missionary Host, The elders who greet the new elders as they arrive at the MTC, i hosted one of my good friends from BYU Elder Jake Shuss who was in my summer ward. It was really cool beuing a host, you can see the excitement on the new elders faces wayy awesome.
Monday was another productive day got a lot of studying done, i saw a kid from Uncle Johns ward, Elder Call who is going to texas.
Tuesday was not a productive day at all, as a district we wasted a lot of time and didnt get anything really done, and the Devotional speaker's talk was just what we needed.
The Speaker was Elder Pearsons of the 70, i was sad at first because it wasnt an apposle but the talk was the best one ive heard at the MTC, it was all abut how we need to be 100% obedient and jhave the faith to succeed,
One thing that stood out from the talk was that he said these exact words "happiness is a choice" no lie he said that, chills ran dwon mty back bec that was Aunt rachels famous saying, and i realized that its up to me to become who i want to become.

sorry i ran out of time love you all
Ofa atu Elder MIchael

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