Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Dear mom and all
Isn't it crazy that this is my last email from the MTC and my last time i will actually be on a computer in the united states for the next two years! wow it has really flown by extremely fast. sorry about last week, i completely lost track of time. i have plenty of time today and should say everything i want to say.
So this has been my last week at the MTC and i have strived to make it my most successful and productive. i'll go day by day. Last Thursday we received our travel plans! we leave for Tonga on the 8Th of March (next Tuesday) we fly from Salt lake to LAX then from LAX to New Zealand then we wait there for 8 hours before we head out to Tonga. overall it is 27 hours of traveling which is ALOT but just means more time to study the language, i think I'm going to read my entire dictionary on the plane ride. Friday there was a HUGE snow storm here in Utah. I've never seen so much snow. I'm so happy that i leave for Tonga in 5 days. We had a really good lesson from Brother Payne on Friday about caring about the needs of our investigators, and how we should always focus our study around their needs. I love Brother Payne. He is my favorite teacher and always gives the best lessons. the other teachers are great but Payne is the most experienced and really knows how to teach well. Saturday was another great day. we finished service in 20 mins again. we didn't make our goal of 15 mins but there is always this Saturday. We prepped all day for the TRC, we taught all in Tongan again and it went really well, i still have sooooo much to learn though. The volunteer we taught got back from Tonga in December he told us some really cool stories about what he ate and other things, i will have some crazy stories to tell when i get home. He said that they eat fish like an apple over there, like you catch the fish, cut the skin off and dig in. Hmmmmm sounds delicious! He also said that he had over 60!!! boils!!! i hope i don't get that many. Sunday was great, i love Sundays best day of the week by far! The fireside speaker was awesome, he was hilarious and had a very good message. One of the things that he did was have missionaries stand up. He had all the missionaries who have siblings who are currently serving a mission stand up and i stood up. That was a really cool experience and I'm so grateful to have a sibling serving a mission at the same time as me. Ofa atu Irma Michael! Sunday night i said bye to Elder Hoffman who left for Japan on Monday. Elder Makinati and i went to his residence to say goodbye to him, he is going to be a great missionary and will tear it up in Japan, it was weird to see him all packed up and ready to go b/c that's me in 5 days!!! it got me really excited about going to Tonga. Monday was great too, but i can't really remember anything that happened right now and i only have 4 mins left, sooooo Tuesday was awesome, i finished the Book of Mormon which was really cool, I've been waking up at 5:45 to read it and i really wanted to finish it be fore i left, a Haitian creole speaking district left Tuesday and it was sad to see them go. we were pretty close to them they are going to Florida Ft Lauderdale. The Devotional speaker on Tuesday was Bishop Edgley and it was really a great talk. Elder Makinati told me that a bishop from the Lynwood ward passed away it hit Paul pretty hard. I can't believe that i am leaving in 5 days.
i have loved it here at the MTC and have grown so much spiritually I love you alll
Ofa Atu
Eleta Maikolo

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