Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Malo lelei

Malo lelei!
Well this week has been awesome and i had some really amazing experiences.
I baptized my first person as a missionary on Tuesday, it was the
coolest experience ever, i did it all in tongan and his name was
Atunaisa Lalameipau Fa'uhiva, he is a 19 year old boy who Elder
Mafoa had already been teaching before i got here, i taught him for
one lesson but Elder Mafoa let me baptize him. there was a baptisim
in our Zone last friday and saturday, and we committed a boy we have
been teaching, Ma'afu, to be baptized next Wednesday! you baptize a
lot in Tonga! we are also teaching two other people, i cant remember
there names, i've been struggling to remember the names of peoples
names that i meet, i need to fix that.
Thanks so much for all the
emails, i am glad that Arrio is safe in Japan thanks for his email. I
emailed my friend Chad who is still in the MTC and he said his mission
wasnt effected.
its been raining like crazy here in tonga, but everyone i ask says its
pretty normal, i heard that there is might be a hurricane coming, but
Tonga goes through a number of hurricanes each year so nothing to
worry about plus coming but the Lord will protect His Servants.
I had an amazing experience on Monday, we were teaching Ma'afu at the
Mokofisa family's house for FHE, and the lesson was really great and
after the family let anyone who wanted to say anything speak. I
thanked the family for their love for missionaries and their love for
me and Elder Mafoa. They are so family oriented and loving and my
favorite family here and the nicest people in the world. I felt the
spirit so strong it was such an awesome experience. like i said
before the Tongan members are the greatest members in the World and i
am so grateful to be here. They are so full of love for the
Missionaries and the Gospel its awesome.
I didnt get the chance to eat dog this week when i do i will write
home about it. im not sure how offten i will be able to write hand
written letters, but i will try to be able to.

Well sorry this is short have to go love you lots
'Ofa lahi atu
Elder Maikolo
i will send pictures next week.

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