Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Saturday, July 2, 2011


This week was a thousand times better then last week! I feel like I grew by leaps and bounds this past week in the Language. I'm not perfect, but you don't have to be perfect. I had a comp exchange on Wednesday with a native Tongan and i didn't speak any English all day, and we could still talk about basically the same stuff i would say in English!!! Thanks for all your prayers and support!! This week our were all really busy so we weren't able to have like any teachings, but we are going to commit Ngalu to be baptized next week, she is totally ready!, the only thing is she is pregnant, like 10 months pregnant and could have the baby any time so i don't know if she will be able to be baptized anytime soon.
There is only one more Pday left in the transfer, wow time flies bye fast!! I have been in Nukunuku/Fatai for almost 4 and half months. I can name everyone in the Nukunuku first ward, and 1/4 of the people in the SecondWard and maybe 3/4th of the people in the Fatai ward. not only can i tell you there names i can tell you where they grew up went to school, if their families are converts, whether their spouse lives over seas or not, who's husband inu kava, how many kids are in their family, where their children went on missions and when. I know all their stories. I can tell you who got married in the Temple, and who didn't. I love these people the greatest Saints live in Tonga and the greatest saints in Tonga live in Nukunuku and Fatai. I feel so blessed to be here as long as i have. We visited a really poor family the other day and i wished i was a billionaire so i could build them a bigger house,( there are 6 of them and only have a kitchen, living room, and 1 bed room and only 2 lights) but then another thought came to me, I'm a missionary i can bless their lives way more by serving with all my heart mind and might. I love these people so much and they in return love the missionaries so much too.
I hope all is well back home sounds like the reunion was a blast.

'Ofa lahi atu

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