Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cyclone Season

Just saw this on LDS.org pretty awesome  http://www.lds.org/pages/temples-are-a-beacon?lang=eng 

Things are going good, we have two kids booked to be baptized this Sunday, we just had a missionary Fireside on Sunday Night that was really successful, its been raining like crazy today that makes it more difficult to work it gets super muddy.  The Mission Presidents policy for when it rains is to stay home and study because if you go out and walk in the rain you get sick and miss 2 weeks of work instead of just one day.  Its been raining pretty hard for about a week, this is cyclone season right now.  We decided to work to day despite the rain.  we taught three lessons to investigators committed one to be baptized, he said yes but he still needs to be taught all the lessons he really enjoys reading the Book of Mormon, but he and his family are really strong in another church, his brother is a convert though and is preparing to go on a mission to Ventura California, he leaves Feb 28.   After we were at that house we went to another investigator we had planned to baptize this Friday but her Dad came and told her not to be baptized and well now she doesn't want to be baptized, sad ,last week she really wanted to be baptized and we asked her why and she told us because she wants to join the Church of Jesus Christ.  It was sad to hear she doesn't want  to be baptized anymore.  Its like every time we work harder Satan works that much harder to stop what were doing.  I got sad when she told us she doesn't want to be baptized any more, my comp didn't, nothing gets him down, he said if its God's will for them( our investigators) to be baptized they will be, if not them well then not maybe some other Elders will come and sow the seeds we are planting.    I swear he is really re-training me.
          we have been really busy this week and last, teaching a lot, we went on splits last Tuesday with two kids preparing to serve in the states.    We just keep trying to do whats right and bring souls unto Christ.  Mom I have learned that everything depends on you, no matter what your comp is doing, its up to you to be obedient, sometimes it is hard when he''s not being obedient, but he has his Free Agency, and so do you, as does everyone in the world, that is something i have really learned.  Also not to take responsibility and not try to blame others for your mistakes.   I really liked Russ's letter.  I have felt a lot during my time out that if i don't do every thing perfect then i am a failure  but we are going to make mistakes, that's part of the plan, aren't we suppose to trust in the Lord and he will make us perfect. i have really learned that and keep learning that over and over.   

Yeah i did get that package with the brand new Sim card but i gave it away because someone asked for it, in Tonga when someone asks you have to give, i will send back home the other card.  Still haven't gotten the b-day package, did get a groovy Christmas package from the Williams of Lehi haha  and sister Sterling sent me a Mission Apron.Pretty cool, I don't really have an opportunity to use it but  very nice  and thoughtful of her, give her a hug for me.  i met a kid who is preparing to go serve in Corbin's mission in March. when does Rosy come home?  Time is flying bye wow you already know the release date of Hill that is insane!!!!!  OH i met sister Johnson's sister!!! she lives in Tofoa 'ofi ki he Fale Mahaki 'i Vai'ola. "oku ne mali ki ha motu'a siasi 'aho fitu. Na'a ne talamai ke tala atu "ofa lahi atu" kiate koe.  'Oku 'osi papi 'ene kau kiti?  
Send Sister Johnson that message please.  Mom i love you so much and Dad and Russ and Ellen, And Hill.  I'm glad you enjoyed that picture haha, it was really good.  i;m glad you got those pics form Prescott i have a bunch from the same day.  okay gota go 
'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

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