Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Writings from Elder Michael

Mom i stared to study Alma 5 i will continue studying it and write to
you about it.

On 1/3/12,
 Oh and Tonga is the place where time begins so that newspaper article
 about Samoa was the first country to greet the new year was wrong.

 On 1/3/12,
 Sorry my new hoa is Elder Lakai

 On 1/2/12,  Martha Michael wrote:
 Dear Jacob,
 Happy New Year!  Dad read in the paper that Samoa was

 the first country to greet the new year--
of course, we believe you were not far from that
 celebration given you are only a few hundred miles from that country. 

WE hope you continue to be safe and happy in your little island of Tonga.
 It was a wonderful time visiting with you on the phone on Christmas and we
 are all so proud of you and the servicie you are giving to Heavenly Father
 and his Son.  Press forward and continue to do all that you can to bring the
 work to pass in your mission. You may have to stand alone sometimes when
 you know what to do and others don't want to but you will be blessed and you
 know you are never alone.
 I wanted to ask you a question.
 You are now approaching the midway point of your mission, 

now don't rebuke me or get mad at me but I will ask you the same question that I asked
 Elder  Hoffman--please give us the top ten lessons you have learned during this
 past year--not in any order, just what have you learned--I know you have
 had amazing experiences and I am sure that they have taught you so if you
can, please share them with us. Then, as you look at that list, think about
 what you want to learn in the next phase of your mission--what are your
As always, I ask in love--just curious as to what you have learned for
 I read Alma 5 this morning and came up with 46 questions=did you get to
 study it this week--how many questions do you find?
 We love you and hope you continue to do great things.  Be obedient and

 be  happy--strengthen your companion and let him know that you believe in
  You can make a big difference in his life just has your companions have
 done for you.
I love you mucho!!!


'Ofa atu
 Eleta Maikolo

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