Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All is well here in the Other Side Of Heaven

I am so glad you received  my snail letter.  There was a girl from
Hemet/Oceanside visiting her familiy here in Ha'akame and she left for
the US last Tuesday.  she was very nice to deliver that for me.  Yes
Dad those two bank statments are correct, i went to the bank twice on
wednesday and took out the same amount.  I have been Left Handed this
week. (Don't worry i am completely fine now thats why im telling you
this)  I got some sorty of inferction on the lower part of my right
thumb.  I thought it was a wart but then it got really big, then we
popped it, but my hand swelled up, we went to the hospital on
wednesday, just more for a second oppionion, we were there for like 20
mins and went and got medication. Then we 'eva ki Kolo Thats when i
took the money out.  On Saturday night i got out of the shower and
then started pulling off the dead skin then i pulled our this one inch
pus ball thingy from the epicenter of the infection and then looked at
my thumb and there where i had just pulled this thing out was a 2
milimeter hole.  there was a hole in my thumb! crazy huh, (this is
really a for Ellen only letter)  The mission nurse came over the next
morning and bandanged it up pretty good. She is the best nurse ever,
Sister West from Palos Verdes.  Now my hand is doing good, that might
have been too much information sorry!
On top of all that this was a very busy week, the Lord has really
blessed us tremendusly this week.  If all goes through this week we
should have 3 baptisims this week and maybe 3 next week.  we have been
finding alot of people to teach, both non-members and inactives.  We
recently found a family that lives about a mile and a half out in the
bush where the mom has already been baptized, but something happened
and left the Church, but she is really nice and we are baptizing one
of her sons this week.  We are going to try to reactivate her and
baptize her husband. Her name is Fipe and her Husband is Malakai Fotu,
who is family with Sister Johnson.    We found a  20 year old named
Lepino who went to school together with Eld Lakai.  He is strong in
the catholic church but we taugh him the first lesson about Siosefa
Samita and the Tohi 'a Molomona and told him to read and pray.  and
then on Sunday when we followed up he said he had done it and knows
that it is true. That was pretty cool. we have him booked for baptisim
this Saturday.  The Lord is preparing people to accept the Gospel its
just up to us to 'open our mouth' and find them.

All is well here in the Other Side Of Heaven,  The Lord's Kingdom
Continues to be built up.  I love you all so much.  This is the Lords
Work not mine, not Siosefa Samita's but the Lord's!!
'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

PS Russ Good luck with you training, and seminary.  There is an Elder
Fukofuka coming  to the MTC soon he is serving in Phillidelphia
Pennsylvania Spanish, i will send with him a letter for you and a
memory stick of pictures.

Mom tell sister Johnson i met a Solo Hifo who lives in Ha'akame. she
went to school with Sister Johnson.  Still havent received the Bday
package, Oh did you save the pictures off the memory stick i sent you
from the MTC andthen sent back to me???   I will right you a snail
letter with my testimony.

Dad love you lotts that is great about Bert,

Ellen, Check your email.

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