Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Working Hard

Mom & Dad
 Thanks so much for the birthday wishes ,the love, the
prayers and support.  We had two Baptisms planned for Saturday but
it didn't work out.  But, we have another one planned for this
Saturday.  Elder Lakai and I are doing work. We are talking to everyone
we meet and inviting them to come to Church.  It feels though that
when we work harder, Satan works even that much harder to stop the work
from progressing.  I also feel like there is something missing when I
teach. I am trying my best to teach by the Spirit  but often I have
found that I teach stuff way different then the lesson and it doesn't
make sense when we resort back to the lesson.  Maybe that can be
avoided if we plan out our lessons-- something we haven't really done a
good job with, and that we will study this week.  Nevertheless the
Lord is really blessing us with a lot of investigators. Our pool of
potential Investigators is really growing.  We might have to go on
splits with some RMs or kids preparing to enter the MTC soon to get to
all our appointments.  There are two kids from Ha'akame who are going
to be serving in America.  One is going to Philly Penn  Spanish
speaking and the other to Ventura.  Oh I met a girl from Hemet in
Riverside County she goes to Church in Newport.  Her family is from
Ha'akame.  Oh and I finally met Elder Prescott. He is a funny kid. He's
training too.  Oh and there is an Elder Groom from Murietta, he knows
Aunt Judy.  Small World. okay that is great to hear about Uncle Rob,
awesome!!!  I wrote you a long letter about my year mark I will send
it off today.  Still haven't had a chance to study Alma 5 but will try
this week

I love you alllll soooo much !!!!!!!!!!

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