Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Transfer

How cool that Ellen got to serve a Mini Mission this weekend.

That is so cool that you had that reunion i bet it was a lot of fun.
There are a lot of missionaries from our stake which is so awesome.
Well another transfer has come and gone, time seems to be going by
faster now then it did two months ago and i really don't like it.
President called and told Elder Lakai and I that we are staying here
in Ha'akame which i am really happy about.  We are going to do
miracles this transfer.  We had a baptism last Saturday which was
pretty sweet.  We baptized two young boys a 11 year old and a 8
year old.  Their parents are members but in-active, we have reactivated
their Mom, and are working on the Dad.  There are 7 kids in all in the
family but there all little, the primary President was really happy
with us.  This family, the Fotu Family, lives way out in the bush
about a mile and a half from the Church, they live out on a plantation
with no neighbors, no electricity (just like Niua), and no water, they
collect the rain water in drums and use that for everything.  The Mom
was baptized last year or the year before but hasn't been active in
the Church since her baptism.  She was baptized in a different village
and told us we are the first Missionaries to come to their house.  She
bore her testimony on Fast Sunday, really a powerful testimony of how
she knows she has come back to the truth, and how happy & grateful she
is that her two sons have been baptized.  We are having FHE there to
night and will teach about temples,  Fipe(the mom) really wants to go
there now.  The dad, Malakai, grew up in Hawaii, and was baptized a
long time ago, he has a smoking problem. his attitude towards us has
really changed since we first went to his house.  he has been really
encouraging Fipe to go to Church with the kids which is awesome now we
just have to get him to Church.  He has some problem with his kidneys
and the Doctors have said there is nothing really they can do.  We
definitely found them at the right time to teach about Eternal
Families! Heavenly Father knows everything!!!
We have  another baptism this Saturday for Simote, we though he was
just a in-active member, but then discovered that he has no baptismal
record.  he has never been active in the Church so it is great to be
able to teach the lessons.  He is one of the first people i met when i
got transferred here, and to see the change that the Gospel has made in
him and his desires and how it has helped him with his challenges is
just amazing.  The Gospel can really solve all the answers to life's
problems.!  Simote married a member but 5 days after they were married
she went to Salt lake for a funeral and hasn't;t returned, they are
still married and love each other, but her family doesn't want her to
come back to Tonga.  Fk'ofa mo'oni.
Well that's all the news really i have this week, my hand is doing
great, i got a package from Hillary on Saturday, i think Portugal has
the best/fastest mail service in the world, a very nice B-day package
from Lisbon.
Still haven't gotten yours mom may be this week.  Thanks for all your
love and support,  thinks are going great right now here in the Other
Side Of Heaven, He is with us where ever we go, and that's all we need.
 Ofa lahi atu!!

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