Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Malo etau ma'u ki he ho'ataa ni

Malo etau ma'u ki he ho'ataa ni
Yesterday was a really special Sunday, I think i was the only missionary ever to go to the homecoming of his trainer while training a new missionary.  My pops, Elder Mafoa came home last Wednesday and he gave his homecoming talk yesterday in the Ha'akame 2nd ward.  President came which is always special and we had 4!! investigators there which is awesome!!  Mafoa got called to be the new ward mission leader so we'll be working together again haha.  His talk was super spiritual and  super short.  He talks super fast and it was only maybe 10 mins, i think to a normal person, it  would have been double that.  During his talk he mentioned how  grateful he was that i was there and how he trained me, He told the kaingalotu that every thing good that i do i learned from him haha, and everything bad from some one else haha.  i was really lucky to have such a great trainer.   During President Tukuafu's talk the sprit whispered to my heart that it is not Prez who does the transfers or the other administration work but it is the Lord and President is just a Tool in the Lord's hand.
 We had a total of 6 investigators that came to Church on Sunday in the 4 wards that we work in. We did some work this week!!!  We had one baptisim planned for this past Saturday but it wasn't lava (able)  but we have 3 planned for this week which is  great.  We taught a Fijian lady yesterday in mixed English/Tongan, she is not too good at either (language) but i know she felt the spirit . I recited the First Vision to her in English and i know she understood that.  We gave her a Book of Mormon in English (we'll get her one in Fijian this Thursday), and she is reaally excited to read it.  It was an awesome week that concluded with an awesome Sunday! I love my comp so much he really wants to be obedient which is great.

 I have a testimony that Obedience is the First Law of Heaven and that if we are striving to be obedient then the Lord is bound( DC 82:10) to pour forth blessings to us.  He has really blessed us greatly this week.  I'm so  grateful to be a missionary right now, all the blessings and joys that i am experianceing right now are so worth all the hardships and difficulties that i have had. 
 I love you all !! 

I finally got that birthday package.  Thanks so much for the shirts.  Oh i got a letter from Aunt Eilene which was cool. 
Tell her thanks a lot or can u send me her address.  Whats Grandpa Fred's mothers name ,Grma Merlyin's parents name?   what is Gramp Herbs mom?  i have a geneology chart in my journal and these are the last blanks (pretty sad right)      i love you all soo much.!!!!!!

Has Russ heard back from any grad schools??
okay sorry this is short, the Lord's time is very precious!
Ofa atu!

Elder Maikolo

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