Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The King of Tonga Died

Im so happy that i am a "gray" blessing hahaha  that is so crazy to
think that uncle rob has lost 100 lbs, can you send me a pic of that,
so glad to hear that he is doing good with the cancer treatment.  How
are uncle rich and aunt lori? when did jeff and luz move?
That is so cool that Josephine helped you with your RS lesson on
missionary work.  she is such a great example to all of us of just how
important and great missionary work is.      Can you find out Heather
Virgo's home address for me?  remember her, from Palos Verdes, i lost
her home address.

My comps name is Elder Makalio, and even though he is full tongan, he
didnt know a single word in Tongan when got here.  he went to the MTC
in New Zealand, where they are there for only 3 weeks learning how to
teach.  he should have gone to Provo and studied the language for 2
months, but there was a mix up and so now he is here in Tonga and
doesnt know anything/  it will definitely be a learning experience for
both of us. I have already taught him how  to pray and how to bear his
testimony in Tongan. we go to the church in the morning to use the
white board to teach him grammar, i feel like an MTC teacher.  But not
only am i teaching him the language i am teaching him the culture as
well.  he never ate tongan food in Australia, and doesnt act much like
one either, he is a coconut, brown on the out side white on the inside
haha.  he has a great desire to serve the Lord and bring people the
Gospel.  I love greenies!!!!        right now we are trying to find
new people to teach.  we have one investigator who is close to
baptisim, Ana, she married a member, an inactive member and we are
trying to teach them together so they can keep commitments and
progress together.
There is  a 40+ year old man we are also teaching, Siaosi, he's wife
is a member and so are his two sons. they are not super strong, and he
has told us if they become back to church he  will be baptized.  his
wife and younger son have come to church 3 weeks in a row and he has
committed to come to Church this week.
And another lady we are teaching, Mele'asa, all her brothers are
members and served missions, she has told us she knows  the Church is
true but is scared to be baptized.  We taught her in English at the
home of a senior couple missionary in Liahona last Friday, it was a
wonderful lesson, she totally felt the Spirit, but after the buses had
stopped running and she had to walk home, we are not allowed to give
people rides in mission cars.  so then Saturday night we went to visit
her and she wouldnt see us, her mom came out and told us that she is
sad and doesnt want to have any more teaching with her because we
didnt give her a ride home, that we told her we loved her and are
representatives of God but dont show any love.  i did my best to
explain its not because we dont love mele, but because we dont own the
cars.  we will try to visit her again this week.  its lame that are
trying to be obedient, is the thing that hurts us.

the KING OF TONGA died last monday, everyone is wearing black,
everyone everywhere.  all the missionaries are wearing a black arm
band on our left arm as a sign of respect.  The body is coming back to
tonga today and the funeral is tommorrow.  There are 100 nights of
mourning, only church music on the radio, no kind of fun activites, no
birthday parties, no weddings, the night club is shut down in town, no
more stake dances, for 100 nights. crazy huh, also its not allowed for
any loud noises like hammering or building.

okay this is kinda long, i love you all, so cool that Ellen is a beast
at Lax, love you all so much

Ofa atu

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