Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Monday, March 19, 2012

TRANSFERS Still in Ha'akame

March 19, 2012

Yeah, I am still in Ha'akame.  My companion is getting transferred to the east
side of the
Island. My new comp is coming straight from the MTC—he’s
Tongan from
Australia   I will meet him on Wednesday. Where did the
twins serve in
Australia?  That’s crazy that they are done. How is
Hillary doing? I haven’t heard about her in a while. I would assume she is
doing great though --she is a stud. Is this her last transfer??

This week was the first week in over a month where we didn’t have a
baptism. We only had 3 teachings. We were busy with meetings for
Dls and preparing for transfers. I am excited and nervous to be
training again. I will be able to speak English to him this time which
should help us to progress faster.  I got like 4 or 5 letters from
home that was pretty sweet. All but two were from you.  A  Birthday
card from Donna Tterry and a letter from Riley Lovesee, a study buddy
from BYU.  That was so cool to get your letter Riley!

Mom in the next package can you send a new camera? It finally
happened, the screen cracked on my camera today. It can still take
pictures but I don’t know how long it will be able to. Thanks so much
for sending a package.  Can you print pictures from the sim card I sent
you and send me them?  It cost $1 to print one picture here in
only  10 cents in the
US.  Print pictures where there are a lot of
people, don’t print the pics of the scenery, also I would love to see
pictures of you all!!  Ellen looks so grown up!! So great to hear she
had a blast with Gabe Sanchez.   Yes, I know Elder Jenkins, really
well, I’m his DL.  He works in the Office as an OE running errands, he
is a great guy.

Love you all T ell Auntie D (Donna Pen) and Auntie Bunny thanks so much
for all their love and support!!

That is so cool that KTO is engaged.  Tell her congrats!!!

Tell Uncle Randy congrats about Silver Beaver!

'Ofa atu
Eleta Maikolo

PS Ellen can you reactivate my FACEBOOK== save all the pics to the

computer and then delete it, don’t deactivate it.  Delete it completely.
Thanks so much EJ, God is good....

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