Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Monday, March 5, 2012

I Love You All

That is so cool that Perla is going on a Mission!! and to SLC south, i
feel like there are a few missionaries there from our Stake, Aaron
White &Timmy Grow, is that right? so happy for Perla, and the Wilcox's
are going to Guatemala that is so cool!! Who are the others from our
ward preparing to leave?
WOW you both met the Prime Minister of Tonga, that is crazy! There was
a kid here in Ha'akame last week for a Funeral from that stake, i sent
him some letters home with him, i will definietly be going to visit
those Tongans when i get home.  Do you remember the names of the
desserts you ate? faikakai? toupai? they are all delicious!  wow so
much is going on at home!!

Thats the first time i've heard Russell's going to Texas how exciting,
so is he Graduating from BYU in April??
And then theres the news about ellen last week, what a letter she
wrote me, i was crying as I read it. She is so grown up, I feel what
happened to me while Russ was on a mission is happeneing to Ellen
while im gone.  So excited for her to go to Girls State!!
About the Package, i should've asked for this as a Christmas present,
can you send me some pictures of all you, i havent seen your faces in
for ever, yes you have emailed pics but  thats not the same, maybe you
can but together a photo album and send it to me, thats what i really
want to see you all.

Things are going great here in Tonga, we had another baptisim last
week, Lose, remember her, i met her in December but then she left to
Vava'u, and came back two weeks ago and was baptized last Saturday.
We have 2 baptisims scheduled for this Thursday.  Everything is going
great over here in the Other Side of Heaven,.  I love you all keep me
and alll the missionaries in your prayers. Dad thanks so much dad for
your wonderful advice.
Love you alll
Ofa lahi atu!!
Elder Maikolo!!

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