Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You are learning...keep it up. Depend on the spirit to guide you.
Love your  companion and help him to learn the language.  Use your power of the priesthood.
Love love love

On Apr 1, 2012 8:35 PM, 

Mom thanks so much for that thought,  i too often compare myself to
others, i am always afraid to do something because i always think that
someone could do it better, or say it better, or do it in a cooler
cleaver smarter way. this has been one of the biggest struggles for me
durring my time out. i feel so stupid all the time and that everyone
else is wayyy smarter, then me.  but we are not running a race against
any one else but our selves. that has been a hard concept for me to
really get down.
 i watched  Priesthood session of Conference last night, it was 6pm
Sunday night here in Tonga. (it didn't really start until 6:45 because
the power went out in the whole west side of Tonga, but the Church has
a generator that we used. the old BSA motto be prepared!))  It was of
course all in tongan but i understood alot of it, the translation is
not 100% so sometimes it is hard to follow what is going on.  i think
my favorite talk was Elder Bednar's story about his dad, he really got
it on the money when he said to a childhood Elder Bednar, If your
church really has a direct priesthood line of authority from Jesus
Christ then why do some many of the men in your Church do things that
they shouldn;t be doing? that is so true!! if we have the real
Priesthood of God which is the Power of God, then why do we do bad
things? it was a great reminder to me just how much responsibility we
Priesthood holders have to live righteously be a light unto the World.
 Too often i forget this. I  really liked Dad's email to Hillary that
said basically we are not going to be perfect but we better try our
best. Ether 12:27 really is a comfort to read. when i was in my son's
situation last year i read that verse and thought about the Language
and how there was no way i was ever going to learn it, now a year
later i am not 'perfect' in the language but i am no longer weak
either, im overwhelmed sometimes that i am the only one who speaks in
our companionship, but i can do it,  He has called me to do it.

Okay some thing that i am going to ask you all, this is a great
question to Hillary seeing as she is in her last transfer, sometimes
when im teaching i feel like im just saying words, words that i have
studied and studied and said over and over again for a year, words
that are so important for the investigator to hear, but i feel like im
just going through the motions. recently i have tried to not teach the
whole entire lesson but instead just teach part and include a common
commandment like prayer. that seems to work and also i have felt that
power that can come when you have the lessons had the Church.  on
Thursday we were teaching a kid at a house and all this chaos was
going on around us so i stopped the lesson and we walked to the Church
to finish the lesson, and it was a good one. The 17 year old kid
Antelima, left the next day to his home village and we havent seen him
since, lame huh.

Okay i got like 3 or 4 letters this week from you all, i have been
really bad at writing snail mail lately i was doing so good in jan and
feb but lagged it in March i will do better in April.

Still havent got the pkg may be to day :)! haha
so crazy that Hill has only 1 transfer left !!  i had a dream about
Hillary this past week so insane you all get to see her in a month

Know that i love you all so much, God lives, Jesus is the Christ, and
this is Their Church

"Oku ou ofa lahi 'iatekimoutolu!!!.
Elder Maikolo

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