Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
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Saturday, November 3, 2012

South Bend, Zone Conference, Flights (alone) Kokipoki

Oct. 26, 2012
Malo e lelei!
Sounds like dad and the kau Pule tapu (priesthood holders) all had a really  fun weekend in South Bend IN, that is exciting also that Hillary is a Ordinance worker and Maegan is pregnant, dad is going to be a Grandpa wow that is way cool.    
Out here in Tongan we have had a very insanely crazy week. Last  Sunday President Tukuafu pulled Elder Fisher into his Office and explained that the two zone leaders out in Vava'u were coming back to the main Island, one because he was done with his mission, Elder Fainu, my old comp up there, and Elder Chandler
 ( who i was in the MTC with) was sick and needed to come back to the main Island, so President decided that one of us would leave the office to go be the zone leader out in Vava'u to keep the missionaries out there in line and he felt that Fisher was the right choice, so Fisher flew out to vava'u on Monday, Pres, his wife and I flew out on Tuesday for Zone conference that was held on Wednesday, then Pres and Sister flew to Ha'apai, i Flew back to Tongatapu, then flew to Ha'apai Thursday morning, We had Zone conference there yesterday, and i just barely flew back from Ha'apai a few hours ago this morning, i have been doing alll this flying by my self, I'm staying right now with the office elders, Pres is still praying to know who should be my new companion  and by Monday i should have one.    
 It was a ton of fun to go up to Vava'u and see the people i knew when i was there. I saw a few people i baptized and they are all still strong in the church, that has really been a great blessing being a missionary, to meet so many wonderful people that i hope to staying contact for the rest of my life. Zone conference was really good both in Ha'apai and in Vava'u.
It was really fun to stay in Ha'apai for a few days, it has the prettiest sunsets. while we were there a freak storm hit the island and there was a mini tornado that hit the part of town where we were. we were out side taking pictures in the mission boat when it all of a sudden the wind picked up and started going crazy we quickly ran to shelter, it only lasted maybe 2 min but did some damage. there were a few houses that were damaged and a bunch of  little trees got broken, and it tore down a few signs. i can say i survived a wicked storm, like kolipoki haha
Next week we have zone conference here on the main island which is going to be really busy.
Despite being busy, I have a baptism today, a little 9 year old that we have been teaching for a little while, the work of the lord goes forth!!
Can't believe that it is already Nov. next weekend!! 
OFa lahi atu
Elder Maikolo
PS Mom Elder  Prescott is standing right next to me here at the office and he says hi!!

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