Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Love this Missionary

OCT 12, 2012
sorry I got this in the wrong chronological order but I especially love the last paragraph

Malo e lelei!!
This past week was similar to last week, lots and lots of Office work, little time out inthe vineyard, but the office work is just as important. Transfers are this Monday and we will see what happens. i really have no idea what is going to happen, everytransefer goes by faster, time is just picking up speed!! We did teach the Aho family this week and it went alot better, we committed them to be baptized and they gave a very weak yes, as in they will be baptized when the time is right, well we are goig to work our bums off to make sure the time is right next month.    
WOW WHAT ABOUT CONFERENCE!!!!   Okay so as you already know we wathc it the following week, but byutv is playde here in TOnga and some people watched at 5am last sunday mornuing to watch the Sat morning session to hear the ANNOUNCEMENT, we found out when durring fast& testimony meeting a lady announcent that she had watched conference that mornuign and told about the announcement. well deosnt that change Dad's job abit as Stake YM Pres, and what about the YW , that had to be a life changeing moment for Ellen, that is so cool if you go in 2014, there are going to be o so many more missionaries aout in the field it is going to be crazy!!  
we jsut barely got back from watching both saturday sessions and what a spiritual feast it was, we watched it in English at Liahona, and it is so much better to hear it in English, nothing on hearing it in Tongan, but the translation is not nearly the same. It is so much better hearint the powere and authority of Elder Oaks bold voice come from him instead of through a translator, i loved Elder Uctdorfs at the end of The morning and Andersons nearthe end of saturday evening still havent watched the Preisthood maybe tommorrow.
Oh can you give Uncle Rob my love to him!! tell him he is my prayers!
Okay sorry for the rushed letter got to go!!!
Know that i love you o so sosososmuch!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Church is True! and this is a Great and MArvolous Work
Ofa lahi atu
Elder Maikolo
PS So happy downey creamed Warren!!!!!!
MOm i wanted to thank you for always doing my laundry and making dinner for me,  This week my comp said as we were attempting to make some food, "I wish i could pack my mom around with me" i wish that same thing! thanks Dad for being the bread-winner and allowing mom to be a stay at home mom to raise us kids!! 

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