Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Sunday, September 9, 2012


September 9, 2012

Wow dad  isnt it so wonderful to see the tender mercies of the Lord and how he has these miricles happen all around us all the time.  That is such a cool that the Lord allowed Hillary, the Portugues Missionary and former Portugal Mission President to meet randomly on a fast Sunday in Utah. The Lord does really know everything! theres no way that someone can say that is mearly just a coincidence. 
That is so weird to me that Brenden and Luke were both baptized, it feels like yesterday they were just 4 years old and now they are both 8!  wow that is a miracle that both Grandpa Herb and Grandma Ellen were there, that is a huge miracle in it self.  
We have had some miracles here in the Other Side of Heaven.  Yesterday we went to Eua the last Island group for me to visit, it is located just to the south east of Tongatapu and there are 6 missionaries on it including Elder Presscott.  We flew over (the flight is only 8 mins, yeah it is that close) to have a special monthly training meetting.  The Zone leaders went last month but Pres told us to go this month.  We were asssigned to teach to the Elders there what was discussed at the latest Zone Council which was held with all the Zone Leaders on Monday. This month the focus is Christ-Like Attributes and inproving our selves before we can help others come unto Christ. The meeting went really well, the missionaries participated and paid attention to the lesson.   The meeting ended about 12 and our flight back here wasnt until 5 so we had a little time to 'eva or go sight seeing. We had a member and his wife take all 8 of us to the other side of the island where there are these huge cliffs where the wind is so strong you can throw things off and they fly back, i threw my tie off and it didnt even get over the edge before it was blown back.  My Comp Elder Fisher threw both his slippers off and they both blew back it was really quite amazing to see. we also went to see a huge massive land bridge that is there, it is behind Elder Prescott and me in the picture.  it was a very  fun trip to Eua. the entire week was super busy, Monday we had Transfers, Tuesday we had Zone Council, Wednesday we had a "train the Trainers' meeting for the newly called trainers and went and picked up the New Missionaries from the Airport, Thursday we had New missionary orientation, Friday we had a zone meeting then Saturday we had the Trip to Eua, things have not really calmed down since Elder Watson left.

The above is the letter i wrote yesterday but didnt get the chance to send it, Mom & Dad thanks so much for writing me, i really neededto hear what you bot wrote, i loved that you both wrote me twice, about the same thing and it really was what i neeeded to hear.  I need to stop worrying, My comp calls me a worry-wart, i need to stop worrying and put all my energy to the Work and pray about what to do and really listen to the Spirit and follow what it tells me to do.  that is what i need to do. It will all work out in the end!
I love you both so much and am so grateful for parents like you both.
Ofa lahi atu
 Elder Maikolo
Ps tell Ellen i loved her letter and will respond later, also tell her to be careful driving the Karmen Ghia!

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