Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Sunday, September 9, 2012

800 Miles

September 2, 2012

Well Mom sounds like you and everyone else is in for a load of fun this weekend hanging out with family and seeing Luke and Brenden baptized, can you please send me a picture, that is truly something special to see.  Tell all the familiy i love them and thank them for all their support and love.
  This past week was wild! and very spiritual & special at the same time.  i traveled around 800 miles so it was a bit tiring and took a very big breath when it was all over.  let me break it down day by day.  on monday Elder Watson and his sweet wife flew in from NZ.  We met them and then that evening we watched with them the FHE TV program that we filmed last Friday.  It felt really weird to see your own face on TV, and really emabarrassing to see yourself when you messup, it was a big messup but i used a slang word that probably could've been replaced by a more proper term.  any ways that was monday, then Tuesday we flew out to Vava'u, i really miss working there, so that was very fun for me to go back and see Elder Fainu, my last comp, and see allthe missionaries there that i new really well.  The conference went really well. there were two meetings one for all the leaders, DL&ZLs it was a small group only 8 missionaries, Elder Watson knows alot about leadership as he worked veryclosely with the past 7 Presidents ofthe Church and he shared some very helpful and important principles about leadership. he talked about planning. he asked all those missionaries who have less than 6 months left to raise their hands. It felt really weird to put my hand in the air, i think that was the first time it really hit me just how little time i have left.  He then said to us that we need to start planning for the future, what are we going to do when we get back? That got me really thinking, i need to know what i am going to do!!  Right now i think i am going to try to go part time for winter, maybe just go to the second block of the winter semester, they start on the 7th of March and then go for Spring and Summer, i really am going to try to get a job at the MTC. those are my plans right now, i really need to remember my Net ID so i can log in and start the process.  Mom i think i signed something before i left that will allow you or Dad to access my information here is my BYU ID# 07-916-7574 talk to hillary and see if that gets you any where. its sayshere on the card that it EXP on the 20 June 2012 so maybe that wont work. but give it a try.
Kae kehe
 So aftet the conference in Vava'u we flew back to Tongatapu, the very same day, we were in Vava'u maybe 6 hours.  Then we did the same thing on Wednesday for Ha'apai, my first time really going there, it is so pretty! not mountanious like Vava'u, but has the prettiest beaches in all of Tonga, white sandy beaches on everyside of the island.  we were there for maybe 7 hours, there are only 16 missionaries in all of Ha'apai many on tiny little islands where there is no Electrcity (like niua), they had to catch a boat to come to the main Island of Ha'apai to have the conference, they are sacrificeing a lot to servethe Lord. I saw my first son Elder Lakai, i was so happy to see him i almost dropped presidents projector haha.  That was anothe great conference,  Elder Watson talked alot about the doctrine of The Father, and how He is literaly the Father of our spirits and Loves us and Knows us.  Sister Watson talked about the 13 Articles of Faith and how they apply to missionary work.  I think i liked her lesson the best. Okay so then on Thurday we had the Conferenceon the Main islandTongatapu, we had about 66 Missionaries and 20 senior couples. that was probaly the busiest day going out and picking up everyone but we got through it
Okau well we have a teachign in 5 mins so we better go do that i will try to write more later
'Ofa atu
Elder Maikolo

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