Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sounds like everything is going great back home! So cool to hear
that Perla has entered the MTC and that RUss has entered Grad School,
Time goes by so fast!! sorry that it has been awhile-- we had a meeting
in Tongatapu last week for all the zone leaders and we did not have a
chance to net we did how ever have time to go to the Temple, I havent
been for over a year so it was very special to do a session. It was
especially nice to be able to understand what was being said, haha,

Today we had transfers and we have been driving everyone around and
picking people up from the airport.  It is hard to believe that 
another transfer has come and gone!! This was by far my favorite and
most successful, we had 8!! baptisims the last of which was on last
Saturday when we baptized Filoi Kava a 43 year old man whose 2 sons we
baptised 2  weeks ago, his wife is already a member but inactive, now
they are all strong and preparing to go to the Temple, I can feel the
power of all the prayers that you are all saying for me.

DAD i hope you are having a great birthday today!!!  there is a
missionary couple from Utah thatis flying home tomorrow and i am going
to give them letters and you and Moms birthday present to mail home.

I MET SISTER JOHNSONS PARENTS!!!  they called us up 2 weeks ago and
told us to eva kiai  go there, and when we arrived there was a table
full of food for us to eat. Her Father, Kofe is a spearfisherman, he
got us some fish crab like thing that is usually only served to the
King, Va'alu.  It  looks like a creepy crawler thing that lies at the
bottom of the ocean and is scary lookin but really tasty, We didn;t
stay too long b/c we are busy but we did go back on Sunday and her
mother, Nesi made us tongan pi ifo atu, such sweet and loving people,
i am so happy to have finally met them! We will try to find time to go
back and talk for a longer period of time. I keep tellig the sisters
who work there to baptize some there so we have an excuse to go there
Sorry no pictures but I will send a memory card tomorrw with the
couple. maybe i will have them call you so you can pick it up from the
airport, would that be okay, They probbly will get to LAX on Weds.

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