Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
The Other Side of Heaven

Sunday, May 13, 2012


We heard from Jacob--this morning--early--at 12:30 am our time.   We were awaken by the vibrating of my cell phone (which was right by my head, just in case he DID call)  "Happy Mother's Day, Mom!!!"  
He sounds wonderful!  He was transferred to Vavau two weeks ago and never had a moment to email his momma--no, not until today.  He is busy helping the other 22 missionaries on the island--as driver, coordinator etc.  He and his companion are the Zone Leaders.  Jacob said he is driving the shuttle ( a bus, manual transmission--ahh, that VW in high school has paid off) and they go all over the place. He said it is a busy island with lot's of people. They are teaching many people and on Sunday they were with an elderly man (80 years young) at church.  Life is good.  He said he weighs 202 lbs--and is grateful for the members and non members who watch out for the missionaries.

Here is his email for today

May 14, 2012

Sorry I don't have  much time.  Where are the pics of Hillary
coming home? I wanted to see those, and Mrs. Stella's baptism.
Can I see those too please?
Also, can you record Hillary's talk and send it to me, maybe on a CD?
We are doing so great. I had 29 letters to read-- that is the reason not much time to write back.
It is so weird to think that you are only going to be writting me for
now on.  It was so awesome to talk to you all last night. Sorry I don't
have my camera cord with me.  I will send pics next week.
We climbed a mountain today, pretty cool!

Ok ofa atu

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