Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Final Transfer in Tonga

Jacob Michael
Dec 2

WHAT!!!!!!!!! Downey won the CIF FOOTBALL championship!!!!???? wow i
am in shock right now, that is so amazing, i am so jealous of ellen
she has been there for CIF titles in Volleyball and in Football wow
she is lucky, )speaking of luck tell her good luck with all those
college applications.

Kae kehe,  here i am in downtown Nuku'alofa emailing you from a
Internet Carfe, my new Companion is Elder Felila, from Austraila and
is the biggest missionary in the mission(162 KGs), and has a heart
that is as big as he is. this is only his 2nd transfer as a ZL here in
Town so we are still learning where everything is and stilltyring to
get to know the members.  Right now we are teaching a 60+ year old
lady who is really investigating the church, we taught her last week
about the plan of salvation and she really enjoyed the lesson.  we
committed her to be baptized on the 13th of December but she wasnt
able to come to church on sunday because she was sick.  we are also
teaching a young couple, Sela and Tui, they have been taught afew
times before i got here, we taught sela the wife last thursday the
plan of salvation and it was really good, we also committed her to be
baptized on the 13th and she gave a weak yes, but we are teaching her
again tonight and will check how she is doing. her husband came to
church this past sunday. and there is a nother older woman who is
obease and uses a wheelchair to move around that we are teaching, she
knows the book of Mormon is true but is alitte apprehensive to be
baptized weare going to try to help her to understand the importance
of being baptized. and than yesterday at church a little nine yearold
came to church with her older sister and we taught her part of the
first lesson.       Lots of work to do.  It is a lot different to be
working in town that it is to work out in the country side, it is so
loud from all the cars and everyone is busy because people have real
jobs here in town. so it is alot more like working in a nother
mission, we probably will go tracking this week to find some more
peolpe to teach. we have a Zone leader meeting tomorrow with PResident
and the APs, my last one, it feels so weird to be almost done, .  i am
really happy to be finishing outside of the office, a huge amount of
responsibilities have been taken off  of my shoulders.  The wards that
i am working in are setting up a White Christmas program so the
members are really helping us out.   at first i will be honest i was
sad to be leaving my old area because of the great investigators that
we were teaching, but i realy thought about that Remember Lotts wife
talk and to look forward with faith, that has given me a really great
amount of hope.
dad thanks so much for the words of Wisdom, hope you all had a
wonderful thanksgiving.

Ofa lahi atu!!
Elder Maikolo

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