Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu

Elder Michael in Niuatoputapu
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Islands, Baptisms, Priesthood Power, Packages, People

Wow Mom you sound like you are all as busy as we are over here, going to Weddings and baptisims.  This is going to be my last Email for a while, this week and next week are going to be super super super insanely busy.  We have a General Authority visiting us next week, Elder Watson 2nd Counseler in the Area Authority, we are goiong to be going to all the ISlands, Ha'apai on Tuesday,  Vava'u on Wednesday, and then Everyone on the main Island and Eua (where Elder Prescott is) on Thursday.  Iam excited to go see Ha'apai, ive only everbeen tothe Airport there.  And in addition to that we are currently putting together a Television Program about Missionary work which will air on the the National Channel (there is only one haha) next monday, the 27, and My comp and I will both be a part of that.  Speaking on National Television, about Missionary work Pretty cool oppoutunity.
This past week was a good one, Esther was baptized this past Saturday, her husband did the ordiance, and we have another baptisim tomorrow, Ofa the 25 year old man who I told you about that got beat up on Saturday night two weeks ago.  He has really changed since when we first met him, totally quite smoking and wants to do what is right.  His just-reactivated brother is goign to perform that ordiance.   We are also currently teachign a Chinese man who is married to amember and has come to church & payed his tithing for nearly 9 months now.  He speaks pretty good Tongan and thats what we teach him in, he has a Chinese bible on his Iphone and that allows us to give him Bible scriptures to read so he can better under stand what we are trying to teach.  we also have given him a Book of Mormon and lesson pamphelts in Chinese as well.  Our Last lesson was really a cool one, he shared with us how he had come to know God.  He told us he was in Niuatoputapu (same one as me) when the big Tsuimani hit in 2009, and he almost died but he prayed for the first time for God to save him and that if he lived he would start going to church.  so he lives and starts going to a Chinese church here in Tonga, but soon notices that all the churches say that they are the right one and that God is really here, Kindalike the Joseph Smith story.  He runs a Market shop here in Tonga and always noticed that the Mormon people were honest and kind and never drunk or smoking and he started to like the Momon Church b/c they practiced what they preached, and then he marries a RM mormon girl and the Rest is history.  We are just waiting for his Wife to give birth and released from the Hospital then baptize him.  The power of a good Example really [played a key role in his conversiion, much like sister Stella, and many others.  we need to more than just preach the gospel, we have to LIve it!!
Another cool story that i want to share, while the bishop was giving the closing remarks at our baptism last Saturday , he talked about how the Priesthood power was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  The word for power in tongan is malohi which means also strengh, or strong.  after he said that word i looked down at my bicepe thinking about how i am trying to get stronger everyday bye doing pushups every morning, but then the thought came to me that The Priesthood power doesnot come by how big your mucels are, then i looked at my had and the green shield ring that says FKT (Fili ki he Totonu) Choose the Right, that is where the Priesthood power comes from, by keeping the commandments! 
Oh yeah i got the packages, they some how stuffed both packages into them,  i dont know how they did it but they did, wow that is so much candy!!  (they were really surprised when two packages arrivd at her house)  Thank you so much mom!!!!!!!          Speaking of moms, you all know Elder 'Ita'ehau the tongan missionary serving in the Downey 3rd ward right now and who was there right before i left, well i finally met his MOM!!!!!!!!!!! she is from Canada and a very nice lady, here is a picture of us.        Oh and a random guy from America, named DJ Nau, came into the office the other day todrop off stuff for one of his cousins and we got to talking and he lived in downey in 1999 (when ever Bishop Leavitt was Bishop) and he said AUnt Lori & Uncle Rich use to always take him to East Middle School in the Big Brown van, he rememberd Dad and Russ and John Jarmillo, Talk about a blast from the Past!! it is such a small world, he lives in Victorville now and says he still keeps in contact with The Vasquezes. that was quite the surprise!!
Ofkay this is way to long l love you all so much
Ofa lahi atu fau!!!!!

Elder Maikolo

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